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  • Nikola Jokić- The Once and Future King

    In Serbian mythology, there exists a dragon, Zmaj, renowned for his wisdom, might, and expertise in magic. Now due to his immeasurable power and contentment spending his days bathing in riches and dragon babes, Zmaj tends not to interfere with mortal affairs…… Read More ›

  • 2017 Fantasy Baseball: 2B Rankings

    Second base is one of those “up-the-middle” positions where defense and being a table setter is important. Chase Utley was the king of second base for a long time before Robinson Cano took over. Now it’s Jose Altuve’s crown to… Read More ›

  • 2017 Fantasy Baseball: 1B Rankings

    First base is still a good position, but it’s not the same as it used to be. When I started playing fantasy baseball Albert Pujols was the king of the land and Prince Fielder, Ryan Howard, Mark Teixeira, Adrian Gonzalez… Read More ›

  • Fantasy Baseball 2017: Catcher Rankings

    Catcher is still not a deep position like usual, but unlike last season we have a solid top five and even really 10 catchers that won’t completely kill your team. This is still easily the weakest position in fantasy baseball… Read More ›

  • NFL Mock Draft v4.0

     Cleveland (1-15)- Myles Garrett, EDGE- Texas A&M 6`5 262lbs This is a no brainier here. Myles Garrett to me is the best player on the board hands down. He will be able to turn that defense around if they can… Read More ›

  • UFC 208 Predictions

    The UFC is about to start it’s first PPV of 2017 and most fans feel a bit underwhelmed by the lack of star power associated with tonight’s fights. Have no fear though fight fans because tonight’s card should bring more… Read More ›

  • New York Jets vs The NFL Draft

     Right now the Jets have more questions surrounding the roster than players on the roster. They have enough drama at the QB position alone to create an MTV reality show. Last year they went out and got Christen Hackenberg a… Read More ›