Fantasy Busts and Sleepers

Fantasy football is back and most people are anxiously waiting for their drafts. We saw an influx of young offensive talent in 2017 and 2018 into the fantasy game. The new young players, stand to make for some interesting decisions come draft day. But, one thing is always for certain. Players get hurt, players flop, and someone finds a guy on the waiver wire week 3 and it changes their season.



1. Michael Gallup WR, Cowboys– Dak has some what of a new look offense this year. There is no Dez and no Witten. So he will have to rely on Zeke and his new toy Herns. Everything after that is a mystery. Gallup was a stud in college, and has a good shot at making WR2 early on. With Dak`s two biggest WR targets gone, it will be a learning curve, but Gallup should see a large amount of touches.

Last years stats- 0
Projected stats- 80 targets, 750 yards, 7 TDMG1
Current ADP based on ESPN- 137

2. Ronald Jones RB, Buccaneers– He may not have made this list before the Winston suspension. With him being out several games and possibly more, Jones should get a massive amount of work early on. This is a “hot hand” league now, and Jones has more than enough talent to go head to head with the Eagles and Steelers, and be able to slice up the Saints and Bears through the first 4-weeks. Tampa Bay doesn’t have any other options at RB, Jones could see over half the offense early on.

Last years stats- 0
Projected stats- 800 yards, 9 TD, 150 rec yards and 1 rec TD
Current ADP based on ESPN- 61

3. Robby Anderson WR, Jets– Yes, he has some off-field trouble, but dont let that stop you. The Jets may have sort of a QB by committee going on, but his talent is amazing. He also will have Kearse, and Enuwa to play alongside of him. With a trio of WR, Anderson is the big play guy, and can blow the top off of a defense. Enuwa is coming back from an injury and Anderson on the field has shown that he can be a #1 WR. No matter who is throwing to him 100 targets should be an easy feat.

Last years stats- 941 yards and 7 TDs
Projected stats- 1,000 yards and 11 TDs
Current ADP based on ESPN- 105

4. Trey Burton TE, Bears- The bears have one of the most confusing offenses out there. They have a good young QB, but their running backs and wide receivers seem to be a revolving door. The Packers and Vikings seem to be putting together some great secondary’s, so at least 4 times this season Burton over the middle should be a common saying. He showed he had some talent in Philly with 5 TD`s and just shy of 300-yards as a TB1second TE.

Last years stats- 248 yards and 5 TDs
Projected stats- 650 yards and 6 TDs
Current ADP based on ESPN- 114

5. Baker Mayfield QB, Browns– Some may not consider him a sleeper, but I do just because more often than not people avoid rookie QB`s, or any Browns QB for that matter. Mayfield may be stepping into the best offensive any 1st overall rookie QB has ever had. Gordon, Landry, Coleman, Njoku, and Hyde. All of them have big play ability, and with his arm power and acc, I would expect them to deploy all of them more often than not. He will have some growing pains, but he will light it up enough to warrant a slide up the draft board.

Last years stats- 0
Projected stats- 3,100 yards and 27 TDs
Current ADP based on ESPN- 170


1. Jerick McKinnon RB, 49ers– McKinnon has a new team in the 49ers and a great new QB. The system will allow him to flourish in the passing game, however he is not a big guy and has never had a ton of touches. Remember he was a QB in college, while I think McKinnon will be effective, I dont think he is a featured back. With his current ADP I wouldn’t touch him. He is getting drafted in the 1st round and I see him ending up as a 4th round talent. His stats will go up a little from where they were last year, but with currently around a 31 ADP, I would avoid him in that slot. I have seen him picked as high as the first round, and unless you are in a PPR league, he may not even finish as a top-10 RB.

Last years stats- 570 ru yards, 3 ru TD`s, 51 rec, 421 yards and 2 TD
Projected stats- 650 rush yards, 5 ru TDS, 55 rec, 300 yards and 1 TD
Current ADP based on ESPN- 31

2. Emmanuel Sanders WR, Broncos– New QB in Keenum. While they had some QB issues last year, I dont know how much they will be resolved now. I am not sure anyone had Sanders out here lighting the world on fire. But, the offense as a whole has some ES1changes, and best to stay away from a guy who on 94 targets got only 550 yards and 2 TD last season. Yes, he had some great ones with Manning, but that was a different offense. I dont expect him to do much more than repeat what he did last year, which was not worthy of a top-5 round selection.

Last years stats- 47 rec, 555 yards and 2 TDs
Projected stats- 40 rec, 500 yards and 3 TD
Current ADP based on ESPN- 84

3. Devin Funchess WR, Panthers– He was a TE in college and was making the transition to WR in the NFL. With Moore, Smith, Samuel and CMC having what seems to be more talent and consistency Funchess could fall out of favor fast. Hes not overly fast, and lets not forget Olsen will be back as well. Funchess to me will end up as WR3 by the time the season ends. Let him go, avoid him. Go after Moore or Smith, if you drafted Cam and are looking for a WR match.

Last years stats- 63 rec, 840 yards and 8 TD
Projected stats- 50 rec, 700 yards and 3 TD
Current ADP based on ESPN- 84

4. Gronk TE, Patriots– While the offense should naturally feature him more he has only played 16 games twice in his career. More often then not he seems to be in first round talks, I wouldn’t use my first round pick on a guy who wanted to retire and hasn’t played 16 games in 6 seasons. They also will finally have a ground game. I am staying away from him in every league, I dont trust him to stay healthy, and I am not sure what his favor is with the coaching staff.

Last years stats- 69 rec, 1,084 yards, and 8 TDs
Gronk1Projected stats- 55 rec, 800 yards and 6 TDs
Current ADP based on ESPN- 20

5. T.Y. Hilton WR, Colts– Plain and simple the #1 WR who could be playing with a back up as the QB again. If Luck was healthy T.Y. could see a return to some solid form, but Lucks health is a bigger mystery than what happened at the end of “Inception.” He will still pile up yards as he almost managed 1,000 for the 4th-year, but he rarely sees the end zone. With T.Y. being around a top-3 round pick and Luck in question, I would leave him alone. Marlon Mack, however should be a solid look.

Last years stats- 966 yards and 4 Tds
Projected stats- 800 yards and 5 Tds (with out Luck being here for all 16 games)
Current ADP based on ESPN- 84



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