2019 Year of The Defense Draft

In the upcoming draft which is still just shy of being a year away, we could see some of the most elite defensive talent we have seen in one draft. There are more than just a handful of 5-star players who lived up to the hype in this draft. We also see droves of players dripping with untapped talent. Some players like Oliver, Gary and Bosa could easily step in and be a top-25 player at their positions, before ever recording a stat. I cant remember the last time I saw a draft so dominant to one side. I don`t mean that as in just more players on one side or the other. I literally mean dominant. 5-years from now, we could be talking about the top-5 players in each position and see 1-2 players from this draft in each category.EDO

Last season was Qb`s seeing a lot of elite talent, this year its one half of the field. With defenses becoming more evolved and players asking to learn 2-3 positions, having talent like this creates for some exciting possibilities. When you take a deeper look, thinking about how the NFL is now having multiple versatile players or elite players is paramount to winning. With so many good DT and ILB coming out this year and last, we could see a shift back to most of the elite talent being on the defensive side of the ball.

Lets take a look at just a few of the players in this years draft. I could see all of the following 15 players being picked in the top-40 picks.-

Ed Oliver, Houston- 6`2 290lbs

Rashan Gary, Michigan- 6`5 287lbs

Dexter Lawrance, Clemson- 6`5 340lbs

Nick Bosa, Ohio Sate- 6`4 270lbs

Zach Allen, BC- 6`5 272lbs

Josh Allen, Kentucky- 6`5 230lbs

Devin White, LSU- 6`1 255lbs

Anfernee Jennings, Alabama- 6`3 265lbs

TJ Edwards, Wisonsin- 6`1 246lbs

Greedy Williams, LSU- 6`2 175lbs

DeAndre Baker, UGA- 5`11 180lbs

Damon Arnette, Alabama- 6`0 195lbs

Marvell Tell, USC- 6`3 190lbs

Jonathan Abram, Mississippi State- 5`11 207lbs

Jaquan Johnson, Miami- 5`10 190lbs

The set of players listed above, as of right now could all go in the first round. They have TJEthe talent and the ability. That would be almost half of the first round on just top-3 position defensive players. This draft could reshape the defensive landscape of the NFL. While most years we dont see a ton of trades for draft picks, this season I think we could buck that trend. More teams are competing with 2-3 high-end WR`s. Some teams will have to go mainly defense just to keep up.

There will be breakdowns of the players in the coming weeks, for now they are players to keep an eye on. I am truly excited to see what this class brings, and could easily see the first 5 picks all being defensive.


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