2018: Fantasy Football QB Rankings

The rankings will be for standard scoring leagues. While their are 32-teams, I will rank the Top-25 Quarterbacks. Quarterbacks are becoming less and less valuable as the average level of play has increased. Over the last 3-4 seasons you could say that the gap between the 8th QB taken and the 15th QB is not that large. This year, if you miss out on a top-end QB, I suggest you wait. There is a lot of good young talent this year at QB, and several dual-threat options. I think you will have a better chance finding value in a QB late, than a RB or TE this year.

1. Aaron Rodgers, Packers- Last season 3,962 yards, 35 TDs, 319 rush yards and 3 tds. Plain and simple Rodgers is the best fantasy QB in the land. He has the weapons and the ability to get you points multiple ways. He also stays relatively healthy. I would be ok with drafting Rodgers in the Top-8.

2. Drew Brees, Saints- Last season 4,758 yards, 27tds, 15 rush, 1 TD. Brees is now in his age 39 season. While he is not getting younger, his team is getting better. He has a new WR, OT and TE. Lets not forget one of the most dynamic RB`s in the league with Kamara. While Ingram is sitting out the first 4-games.

3. Russell Wilson, Seahawks- Last season 4,070 yards, 31 TDs, 460 rush yards and 2 TD. Somehow it seems almost as if deifying logic, as his team regresses he progresses. Jimmy seems like a blow, but it wont have that much of an effect. Jimmy had 1/3 of Wilsons TDs last year, but the previous two years before combined for just 8 TDs.vHe also had his least amount of yards last year with only a 59% comp rate. While Baldwin is coming into his own, and they are starting to create a ground game. A healthy Wilson is one of the most effective Qb`s of the last decade. He may not blow up the scoreboard, but he will be as steady as a river.

4. Kirk Cousins, VikingsLast season 4,050, 27 TDs, 111 rush yards, 2 Tds. Cousins is now in what could be the best offense he has ever had. He will have multiple WR to throw to, not to mention a healthy return of the explosive Cook as well. That offensive line should bode well, and Cousins could easily throw for personal records this season.

5. Deshaun Watson, Texans Last season was marred by injury but in just 7 games he had 1,700 yards and 19 TDs matched with almost 300 yards on the ground. While he and Wentz are both coming back from injury, Watson has an amazing group of WR to let the ball fly too. He also brings an extra dual-threat dynamic. The Texans offense with a healthy Watson could be fantasy gold mine.

7. Carson Wentz, EaglesIn 13 games last year he threw for 3,296 yards and 33 TDs. Along with 299 yards on the ground. He lost only Burton to the offense, and the running backs could still see to do better. But, as long as he is healthy getting him as the 7th QB off the board could be a draft day steal.

8. Tom Brady, Patriots- Last season 4,577 yards, 32 tds and 48 rush yards. Brady has thrown over 3500 yards and 27 tds the last three years in a row. He is always going to produce great numbers with a low-turnover rate. But, I have questions about that offensive line, and his favorite receiver in Gronk. Gronk had an off-season that could affect his on field play. While there are more questions than usual about his fantasy stats, he will still put up some solid numbers.

9. Cam Newton, PanthersLast season 3,684 yards, 21 TDs, 600 rush yards and 5 Tds. Let me start by saying I am a Cam Newton truther and have him almost every year. So if I barley have him in the top-10 if you have questions, it might be best to stay away or trade for him. Cam is one of the most difficult QB`s to project. He has a great dual-rb threat now, a new coach, Olsen is coming back and a new WR. He also had a bad knee injury last year, and even with the addition of rookie DJ Moore, the list of WR leaves CN1something to be desired in a top-end QB. However, he is a dual threat QB and can instantly turn a game around. If you get rushing points for QB`s he could be higher.

10. Marcus Mariota, Titans- Last season 3,811 yards, 25 Tds, 308 rush, and 2 ru TD. While he has still never played a full 16-game season, his team is progressing with him. Corey Davis should come on as a true #1 WR this year and Henry at RB could be a massive spark. He had an injury going into last season, which could have been some of the issue of a mediocre season. This year, he should bounce back and they will need him to if they are to compete in the budding AFC.

11. Philip Rivers, Chargers- Last season 4,515 yards, 26 Tds. He wont get any rush yards, but he will throw you into the playoffs if his team stays healthy. Gordon and Allen are both poised to destroy the AFC West this season. The loss of both Henry and Gates, could create some issues early on as he looks for a new check down option.

12. Jameis Winston, Buccaneers- Last season 3,504 yards, 19 Tds, 135 rush and 1 Td. Winston is boasting one of the better overall offenses in the league. The addition of rookie RB Ronald Jones will only improve that. Plain and simple he should be a top-7 QB, but his off the field issues worry me. He will miss several games to start the year, and could face more. If you draft Winston, I would either handcuff him with his back-up or draft another one early.

13. Ben Roethlisberger, SteelersLast season 4,210 yards, 27 TDs. Big Ben to me has the best offense on paper hands down. Bell, Brown, JuJu, and Washington. Ben has an elite group of pass catchers to work with. My concern is consistency and health he has played 12,14, and 15 games the last three years and talked about retirement this off-season. Bell is also in a contract issue. There was also a coordinator change. A great player, with elite talent is now hampered by questions surrounding everything but his ability.

14. Matt Ryan, Falcons- 4,020 yards, 23 Tds, 110 rush yards. You can never count out the QB with one of the best WR of the last 20-years. Ryan will also get a boost from Calvin Ridley, and boast one of the most complete WR corps in the league. They still have a great 1-2 punch at the RB slot, which could eat into his stats if they get hot early.

15. Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ersLast season in 6 games 1,560 yards, and 7 tds. Jimmy G looked like the real deal going 5-0 with SF at the tail end of last year. He will get a boost with some new players and more time in the offense. He has a full season to prepare now. Jimmy will shoot up the boards as the players around him progress. That division also boasts some nasty secondaries. If you are in a dynasty league or a keeper league Jimmy should be inside the top-10. His offense wont be lackluster for long.

16. Matthew Stafford, LionsLast season 4,446 yards, 29 TDs. Say what you will about his ability to win games, but his ability to throw over 4,000 yards and 20 TDs a season is well known. Thats just what he should do here again.

17. Dak Prescott, CowboysLast season 3,324 yards, 22 TDs, 357 rush, 6 TD. Last season was one of mystery and misery for the boys. Elliot should be back full time and the addition of Hurns, Gallup, Wilson and the loss of Witten and Dez I think helps. Dez was a waste and Witten though great was not as effective as he had been. Gallup is also my biggest sleeper this year. PM1

18. Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs- Last season he was a rookie. Hill showed that he can turn into an elite #1 and they also added Watkins. Mahomes has the arm to light it up, lets just see if they use kid gloves with him.

19. Jared Goff, Rams- Last season 3,957 yards, 28 TDs. Goff is sitting on a sleeping giant and could blow it up this year. Kupp has another year under his belt, they got Brandon Cooks who at one time was a high-end WR. Plus, TG3 is going to come out screaming.

20. Blake Bortles, Jags- Last season 3,687 yards, 21 tds, 322 rush and 2 tds. Bortles lost Hurns and Robinson. While some say its a non-factor I look around and see a bare cabinet of WR. Fournette should get all the looks.

21. Andrew Luck, Colts- Forever hurt, he has played only 22 games in the last 3-seasons. IF he can stay healthy he still doesnt have a ton of talent, but will have enough to be a decent QB2.

22. Eli Manning, Giants Last season 3,810 yards and 25 TDs. Eli has OBJ, Engram and Sheppard. All of which are explosive talents. The downside, is OBJ`s front office issues, Barkley being the 2nd overall pick and his age. His everything should be down, but have enough bump games to make him worthwhile.

23. Derek Carr, Raiders- Last season 3,962 yards and 25 tds. He has a new friends in Jordy Nelson and Martavis Bryant who matched with Cooper make a great 3-headed WR attack. He also has a new HC who last time when he was in Oakland lead one of the best offenses of the early-2000s. Gruden is a QB guru, while nothing was wrong with Carr his numbers dipped.

24. Andy Dalton, Bengals- Last season 3,320 yards and 23 TDs. Dalton is always the most confusing QB to draft via fantasy.  In 2015 he had 25 TDs to just 3200 yards and the following year had 4200 yards to just 18 TDs. His consistency and the consistency of the WR he plays with is always up and down. The plus side is Mixon should draw away some pressure.

25. Baker Mayfield, Browns– He is a rookie. But, there has never been a rookie to step into a more talented offense. If he starts all 16-games he should fall into a top-20 QB ranking with the talent around him.


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