NFL Mock Draft v4.0

  1.  Cleveland (1-15)- Myles Garrett, EDGE- Texas A&M 6`5 262lbs
    This is a no brainier here. Myles Garrett to me is the best player on the board hands down. He will be able to turn that defense around if they can build with him. Along with Collins and Shelton adding Garret will give them one of the better front 7`s in football.
  2. San Francisco (2-14)- Deshaun Watson, QB- Clemson 6`3 215lbs
    I was stuck on this pick for quite a bit. I could not truly decide what needed the most or how they would want to address it here. This was only made harder with out knowing their GM or coach. But, currently they have QB issues with no one really knowing what they will do with Gabbert or Kapernick. Watson may not come out and light it up, but in a season or two he will be the QB we all saw in college. The only thing that will be a blessing year one and a curse year two is how much he likes to run. They do not have a shining light at WR so those legs of his will provide an extra explosive ability for what is seemingly a one dimensional offense.
  3.  Chicago (3-13) ***I think they trade down** But, since I don’t do trades in my mocks this early. Jon Allen, DT- Alabama 6-3 291lbs
    This is a solid pick here for Chicago. While I think they still trade down its hard to pass up Allen here. He looks to be the best interior defender this draft and will be a force for Chicago. With the rest of the teams in that division struggling on the OL and 2 of them having top-end Qb`s being able to get through the line is a priority. Allen is one of the best around at doing that and I think we will see him test very well at the upcoming combine. While the offense is starting to come together once a QB shows up the defense needs to start getting reworked from front to back. This is a perfect place to start, while its not a sexy pick it will be a perfect pick.
  4. Jacksonville (3-13)- Malik Hooker, S- Ohio State 6`2 205lbs
    Again the Jags will go Safety with their first pick, though this time maybe they will realize he is a much better safety than corner. Hooker is the best ball hawking safety in this draft and has no issue in the tackling department either, with 74 total tackles and 7 picks last year. Some concern will go into this pick as he has only been a short-time starter at safety. But, his talent and abilities are flat out good, and he can easily develop into one of the best safeties in the league. Him mixed with Cyprien and Ramsey could start to make one great back-half of a defense. If that DL ever takes the step forward and gets pressure on the opposing QB having a stacked DB set like they are heading towards will make them a force on defense.
  5.  Tennessee – from Los Angeles (4-12)- Mike Williams, WR- Clemson 6`3 225lbs
    While the Titans could go defense here it seems more and more likley that Williams and Davis wont make it to their next pick so they grab the best WR in the draft here. They already have a great OL and a lethal 1-2 set of RB getting their franchise QB some help on the outside is a must. There is not a ton of options in FA and being able to have their pick of WR this pick may be a bit of a reach at the moment. However, not getting a WR at all in the first round and missing out on both Williams and Davis is something they just can not have happen. The difference between both Williams and Davis to the next set of WR is not even close.
  6.  New York Jets (5-11)- Reuben Foster, LB- Alabama 6`1 236lbs
    This will be one of the best picks the Jets have had in years. Foster might be the best overall player in this draft when you start getting more into his info, film and stats. While the ILB is never a truly coveted position come draft time the Jets need one bad. Harris is about to retire and they have no other LB to speak of. The defensive line is still one of the best in the league so they need to start working on the back side of the front-7. They could also go defense here, but I think Adams and some of the other corners are bigger risks and not as well-rounded as foster is right now. Foster will come on to the field and instantly be a top-3 player for that team. Thats not so much of a knock on the Jets as it is a compliment to how good Foster actually
  7. San Diego (LA Chargers) (5-11)- Solomon Thomas, EDGE- Stanford 6`2 275lbs
    The Bears stole who they were really after in Allen so they get their second choice with Thomas. Thomas is a top-5 talent that got pushed down. Not only is he the best player available, but he is also a perfect fit for that defense. After getting Bosa and watching him blossom last year getting Thomas to play on the other side or push him to OLB will start making that defense very solid. Thomas is a great player and a freak it is rumored his shuttle time is faster than several top-WR in last years draft the term freak might be under used here for Thomas. He could also be the best producing defensive player out of this draft in his first year.
  8. Carolina (6-10)- Lenoard Fournette, RB- LSU 6`1 230lbs
    Carolina gets a great pick here as you can argue that two teams went back-to-back best player on the board and great fit. They need something to help take the pressure of Cam and while Corey Davis could also be the pick here Fournette seems like a great back for that system. It will also give them a chance to do a two-back set with Jonathan Stewart. While it may seem a bit interesting them going RB over WR here Stewart does not have many elite years left and can not stay healthy. Fournette can also take a beating and be a great option down at the goal line and considering they just cut Mike Tolbert they have no real option in short-yardage situations.
  9.  Cincinnati (6-9-1)-.Marshon Lattimore, CB- Ohio State 6`0 195lbs
    Right now you can make the solid argument that the Bengals best DB period is Adam Jones, who is nearing age 34. They currently have no answer to any of the speedy big WR in that division. Lattimore will give them an option to lock down, Brown, Perriman, and Coleman. He can also learn from Jones as well, there are more questions than answers about a team who has been a solid performer for the last 5-7 years right now. But, getting Lattimore and helping out one of the weaker secondary units is a solid decision here and one they will not pass up.
  10.  Buffalo (7-9)- Corey Davis, WR- Western Michigan 6`3 213lbs
    Ding! Ding! Ding! Surprise! Bet you didn’t see this one coming did you. This will make more sense than you think for the ever confusing Bills. They currently have no QB, no real second WR, their first WR cant stay on the field and their only hope is a shifty RB who is about to see a ton of 8-man-boxes next year. Getting Davis will stretch the field for Shady to get some more room to run, it will give them a solid option for who ever is the QB in the likelihood Sammy Watkins misses a few more games next year. If Sammy ever does get healthy him and Corey Davis could make for the best 1-2 WR set in the league in about 2-years when Sammy is done getting hurt and Davis as some time under his belt. That will make for an attractive FA landing spot for a QB, or if they decide to draft one next year they have 2 #1 WR and an elite RB to let him play with.
  11.  New Orleans (7-9)- Jamal Adams, S- LSU 6`0 211lbs
    Saints will be hard up to not pick Adams and will fall in love with him all over again when he puts on that uniform. He went to LSU so the team and fans should already be very familiar with him. When Adams gets there he will be one of the best safeties they have had in a very long time. The Saints have been spending a few 1st on defense the lat few years in Rankins, DT and Anthony, LB adding a 1st round top-10 type player at the S position will be sure to help them both out. While Hooker is more of a ball hawking play maker, Adams is a much better coverage guy who will be a great addition to come down and play either LB in nickle or slide into the corner back slot and cover the TE. This is already one of my favorite picks in the draft and I think a solid fit. Matched up with Vonn Bell they will have a very nice safety set. Which will be much needed as the Falcons, Buccaneers and Panthers offenses seem to get more explosive and have more weapons each year, having cover in the deep-3rd will be vital for success in the NFC South.
  12.  Cleveland – from Philadelphia (7-9)- Mitch Trubisky, QB- UNC 6`3 220lbs
    The Browns have no true QB while there are options in FA and they still have RG3 none of them are a long-term option. Getting Trubisky will provide a QB they can have for the future and someone they can build around. He should be able to run the same type of offense they had in place for RG3/Kessler last year just fine and a lot more effectively. He is also no stranger to the deep-ball and since they love speedy-WR that is a big plus for them. They have coveted him for a while now and will finally get the chance to draft him. If he ends up being what they hope he will be drafting him along with Garett will be make this the draft they finally turned it around in Cleveland.
  13. Arizona (7-8-1)- Patrick Mahomes, QB- Texas Tech 6`2 229lbs
    Carson Palmer is coming back for one more year and this will more than likely be his last one. They don’t seem to be going after anyone in FA for the future so they will grab arguably the QB with the best ceiling in this class. The vote is still out on Mahomes on what he will be at the next level or even if he will be a starter, but the people who like him see more to love than many of the QB in this draft. He is good sized and has a huge arm, they will need to teach him a bit about the pro-style offense but, what he lacks in knowledge about the pro-game he more than makes up for in arm talent and how he can read defenses. Mahomes will get an opportunity to sit behind one of the better QB`s of the last 10-years and learn under one of the better QB creators in the last few years in his HC. This is a great scenario not only for Mahomes, but also for the future of the Cardinals.
  14. Indianapolis (8-8)- Dalvin Cook, RB- Florida State 5`11 206 lbs
    Here is another team with a big win. Cook will be a great player in Indy. Luck will finally have a guy he can hand the ball off to over and over again and he is solid out of the backfield. Cook is a top-10 player on almost every board so this is a win-win. Not only do they get the best player on the board still, but they get one a huge position of need. Gore is about done and they may have some of the worst back up RB in the league. With Gore being a busing RB giving him some plays off and letting Cook have any 3rd down over 1 yard, might get another year or two out of Gore and allow him to be effective on those short yardage moments.
  15. Philadelphia – from Minnesota (8-8)- OJ Howard, TE- Alabama 6`6 249lbs
    They got their QB for the future last season in Wentz now it is time to put people around him. Any WR or RB would be a reach at this point and based on their defensive needs at the moment OJ seems to be the best option for them. He is an elite TE and can do both blocking and catching. He is an amazing prospect and should wow everyone at the combine. Getting Howard here will give Wentz his best target on the team. With the hope they can get Jackson back on the team this year getting Howard to match with Jackson will recreate that offense. He also has the ability to line up and play in the slot.
  16. Baltimore (8-8)- Forrest Lamp, OG- Western Kentucky 6`3 300lbs
    Baltimore needs to start working on that offensive line to build up the run game and with younger WR they need a bit more time as none of them are super polished. Lamp has been gaining a ton of momentum over the last few weeks and his tape vs Alabama was some of the best around for an OL. He is the best OG on a lot of teams boards, and Baltimore wont pass up the opportunity to take him and start rebuilding that offensive line.
  17. Washington (8-7-1)- Malik McDowell, DL- Michigan 6`5 276lbs
    Washington gets the best player on the board also at a position of need. McDowell is a massive player and he will be an instant impact on that team the day he gets there. The offense has started to come around in Washington (though that all depends on Cousins) the defense is what they are lacking. This defense is stacked in this draft so getting McDowell here will let them focus on the OLB/CB later in this draft. McDowell will be an elite type of DL player very quickly in his career. He is no stranger to getting to the QB and has a great first step.
  18. Tennessee (9-7)-Takkarist McKinley, EDGE- UCLA 6`2 258lbs
    Its pretty clear with out a solid #1 WR on the board the Titans will go back-to-back defense here. They snag one of my favorite EDGE players in this draft. While he may not be super clean yet, he does have the highest running motor in college football. He can also play OLB just as well as he can play DE. I would leave him at OLB, he can be as aggressive in the run game as he can be in passing game. While the AFC South is currently in the midsts of some of the worst OL and QB play in the NFL, Takkarist is not only a great pick, but matches up well vs some weak division opponents.
  19. Tampa Bay (9-7)- David Njoku, TE- Miami 6`4 240lbs
    Njoku might be the most athletic freak player in this draft. He can do just about anything you ask and he has great size and will only get more explosive and effective. The Buccaneers need to get more weapons for Winston and any other WR is a bit of a reach and Njoku will be able to line up in the slot. There will not be many defenders who can match up well with him when he gets on the field. Thing of a more athletic Vernon Davis. While he lacks in other aspects of the TE game they dont need to worry about that as Brate will be able to handle any blocking duties and Njoku can become the next best pass-catching TE.
  20. Denver (9-7)- Ryan Ramczyk, OT- Wisconsin 6`5 314lbs
    Denver is once again going through another transition period. We went from Pre-Peyton, to Peyton-era, and now to post-Peyton. This has also come with vast numbers of new coaches. However, this time there are huge questions at QB, OL, RB, TE, WR2/3 and even some defensive positions. They are now sitting in the most dangerous division in the NFL. With some of the most elite pass rushers in the game in Bosa, Mack and Houston who they will see a total of 6 times a year. Creating an offensive line around Lynch or Trevor will be their main focus. While they could start either RB CJ Anderson or Booker, they still need to have a line to create holes. They would not risk Lynch their soon-to-be franchise QB when their is the best OT in the draft on the board. This might also be the best player on the board, their most needed position and a great fit. Denver just like Wisconsin has a downhill running game, this will be nothing new for the massive Ryan Ramczyk. I am sure you will instantly notice his impact, if you will at least notice he might be the biggest guy on the field.
  21. Detroit (9-7)- Taco Charlton, EDGE- Michigan 6`5 272lbs
    I like Charlton a lot here. He can do whatever they need him to, but I think he will end up at DT or DE. The Lions already have some pieces to build around on defense getting Taco as a QB-killer will be an amazing addition. They need to focus on the defense as thats where they lost some of the close games this year. If the defense can come together through this draft and FA and be able to close out those close games Detriot should be a real favorite to make the playoffs next year. Also, getting a player like Charlton will give them the ability to flex around him as they can slide him anywhere they want on defense and still have one of their best if not their best pass rusher always on the field.
  22. Miami (10-6)- Jabril Peppers, ATH- Michigan 6`0 205lbs
    This is one of the most common picks across the board for several reasons. One, is quite simply at this point in the draft he is the best overall player out there and maybe the most athletic guy in the draft. The second one is he should be slated as a Safety at the next level which they need badly. The third reason is his experience at LB makes him an amzing fit for a LB in the nickle formation, he is big enough to take that role and fast and athletic enough to either take a TE or rush the passer. While he may not have elite mechanics as a coverage player, you can not deny his physical ability. The Dolphins are no strangers to taking a guy and slotting him in a new position or creating something from nothing. If they can do this with Peppers they might have picked up one of the biggest first round steals in a decade.
  23. New York Giants (11-5)- Tim Williams, EDGE- Alabama 6`3 252lbs
    The Giants were just moments away from another Super Bowl run. One of the main reasons they fell short (minus the drops), was the defense. While they maintained an amazing defense when you look past the basic stats it had more to do with Jenkins and Collins than anything else. They need someone at LB to help get to the QB, play in coverage and be able to slide in an out of LB and DE in Nickel and Dime packages. Tim Williams is their guy, and he will be a great fit. While he has only been a 3-4 OLB he has had experience at DE, and I think he will be much better suited as a 4-3 LB than a 3-4 OLB, due to his lack of ability to get around the OT and he does not have an aggressive downhill first step. He also has some off-field red flags as well about some drug tests. What the Giants know they are getting is one of the most physically elite Linebackers in the country and one who had back-to-back seasons of 9 sacks in college as a pass rushing OLB. The where, how and when aspects will fall away when thinking about where he will line up as his pure presence on that defense will help create one of the best defenses front and back in all of football. There is also the possibility of them going for John Ross, Cam Robinson or Adoree Jackson if the red flags are too much as any of those 3 would also fill big needs for the Giants.
  24. Oakland (12-4)- Christian McCaffrey, RB- Stanford 6`0 202lbs
    Their current RB seems all but sure to leave Oakland so they need a replacement. While there are many RB in this draft McCaffrey is another dynamic piece to an already effective offense. He will be able to do multiple things for this offense including make an impact in the return game. The defense in Oakland is already one of the better ones in the league so now their focus is getting guys around their franchise QB. Carr will love having McCaffrey as he will be able to hand him the ball 20-25 times a game and he can be a force out of the backfield. With their current WR being able to stretch the field McCaffrey should never be in fear of a stacked box which will allow him to use all of his talent and be a massive force in the NFL.
  25. Houston (9-7)- Cam Robinson, OT- Alabama 6`6 310lbs
    This should be pretty easy for everyone to see. Houston paid 70MM for a QB who is somewhat average and they have one legit OL. Nothing gets a coach and GM fired faster than signing a QB to a big deal or drafting one in the first round and they fail. The first thing they need to focus on is keeping his pocket clean, they have a great 3-wide-out set and a decent run game. Adding a massive OL here will help both the run and keeping Oswiler up. Which if he had more time might finally be able to show he can be worth that 70MM, either way the Texans know if they blow it this year no one will be around next year, so they will do what ever they can to set Oswiler up for success. The best way to do that is to add one of the best OL in this draft in Cam Robinson.
  26. Seattle (10-5-1)- John Ross, WR- Washington 5`11 190lbs
    John Ross wont have to move very far as Seattle snags him here. We saw several times this year the Seahawks struggle with WR and on KR/PR. John Ross will be able to do both, Paul Richardson came on for them at the end so Ross might start as a slot. They seem to have the RB position locked up, and there is enough DL depth in this draft WR will be the easy choice here. John does have some medical concerns, but if all of them are clear Seattle gets a guy who in 1-2 seasons can end up being one of the best 2nd WR in the league. Baldwin and Wilson have just created such a connection I don’t think an under-sized speedster will bump him off, and begin able to use his speed vs CB2`s or nickle CB will create a much better mismatch. Seattle will finally hit with a 1st round pick making everyone in that front office very happy.
  27.  Kansas City (12-4)- Budda Baker, S- Washington 5`10 192lbs
    The never ending Eric Berry vs the Chiefs saga may finally come to an end this year one way or another. Either way having Baker back there with Berry and able to play the nickle will give them the best defensive backfield in the NFL. He will also give them an option if they are unable to resign Berry. Baker is one of the best play making safeties in this draft. While he is a bit undersized he will be an excellent choice to play FS at the next level. The Chiefs could also chose to go WR here, but like the previous WR-needy teams I think its a reach at 27 and passing up one of the best safeties in this draft to create the best defensive backfield in the NFL with 3 of them being under 25 is just something they cant pass up.
  28.  Dallas (13-3)- Teez Tabor, CB- Florida 6`0 201lbs
    Dallas had a tough loss to Green Bay in the playoffs, they got beat by WR alone and Rodgers ability to by time for his WR. They have not had an elite CB for some time, or an above-average kick returner. Tabor will be an amazing impact for them at the corner position. While he has KR ability it is not something he truly is elite at, but there are many players in this draft who will be able to take over that duty. Tabor could end up being the best corner in this draft, getting a high-end corner who could be a top-10 corner in the league will do wonders for that defense who seems to be lacking a true playmaker.
  29. Green Bay (10-6)- Quincy Wilson, CB- Florida 6`0 209lbs
    Green Bay just got destroyed today against the Falcons who scored at will, their corners could not stop anything if they tried. While Quincy Wilson has dropped the more people truly look into his game, he will be an amazing fit for a system that likes to run zone. He is the best player on the board and was a top-5 type pick for the last two years looking at this draft. If the Packers can fix his small flaws they will have a solid #1CB with this pick in no time. I still like Quincy Wilson and love his size, I assume he will come into the combine around 210. The Packers are the best team with the worst defense in the league, the will spend over half their picks on defensive players and a big chunk of money in FA. However, with that being said I think it is a sure lock they go with a RB in either the 2nd or 3rd round, based on the fact they currently have a WR as a RB, who while he did play well is no where near as good as projected 2/3rd round picks Brian Hill-Wyoming, Jamaal Williams- BYU, and Marlon Mack- USF.
  30. Pittsburgh Steelers (11-5)- Zay Jones, WR- ECU 6`2 202lbs
    This is a reach for the Steelers, but its a reach they have to make. They cant seem to keep any WR on the field outside of Brown and Big Ben is talking about walking away from the game soon. So they need to give him another WR who can actually play to get that offense to where it needs to be. There will also be contract issues here soon with Brown and Bell, Zay will give them something to look forward to to build around. Zay is a great athlete and is well sized I think he will come in more around 210 for the combine, but he is a big target for Ben and is amazing after the catch with his sure hands and leap ability it gives them a great red-zone threat and a WR they know will stay on the filed as he has no off-field issues or a deep injury history.
  31. Atlanta (11-5)- Pat Elfein, C- Ohio State 6`2 300lb
    Matt Ryan has had an MVP type year and will most likely take home the trophy. They currently posses the best RB duo in the NFL as well as one of the best QB`s and the best WR. Elfein I think will be another Center in college who will be able to move to Guard if asked and become elite at the next level. You can never have enough good offensive linemen and with the offense they have been building adding a guy who has blocked for Samuel, Elliot and both pocket and dual-threat QB`s will give them a chance to do what ever they want with him in the game. There is also word that Chip Kelly might take over that offense, so getting some new faster offensive linemen to adjust to the new scheme is a top-priority for them.
  32. New England (14-2)-Raekwon McMillian, ILB- Ohio State 6`2 240lbs
    The Patriots are the one team each draft where when you get to them you have no idea what they will do. Mainly due to the fact they create players, they don’t usually get elite guys and watch them continue to be elite they build them into the system and the system builds them. They did lose Jamie Collins in a trade this year and have a need at both ILB and OLB slots. McMillian is one of the best ILB in this draft and if you take pass-rushing away is a top-7 LB period based on tackling, zone coverage, man coverage, motor and instincts. He was a force at Ohio Sate and that will not stop here. He will crafted by the best defensive coordinator in the league, after already coming out of one of the better defenses in college. McMillian has a chance to be great with the Patriots and one of the next elite level linebackers. Him lined up next to Hightower will create one of the best run stopping ILB tandems around. I also would not sleep on the option of them going with McCaffrey here either. They have not had a solid #1 RB in many years and rarley go RB, but McCaffrey is a guy who can do everything and something that Bill loves is versitility.

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