UFC 208 Predictions

The UFC is about to start it’s first PPV of 2017 and most fans feel a bit underwhelmed by the lack of star power associated with tonight’s fights. Have no fear though fight fans because tonight’s card should bring more excitement than you may think. With history being made and some high profile title shot implications being made after tonight, there is quite a bit on the line.

Lets get started with the breakdown!

Fight 1-

dpDustin Poirier vs Jim Miller

I’m starting to see a pattern with the new UFC matchmaker. For some reason they like to put old veterans against rising stars in a pass the torch kind of fashion. I don’t really know why they continue to do this because it is just kind of sad to see how some veterans have clearly lost a step and get pummeled by the young star. Jim Miller has clearly lost a step in his game and Dustin Poirier is going to use him as a stepping stone on his rise to stardom in the 155 pound division. As long as he doesn’t get over confident and try and take Miller down he wins this fight easily.

Winner: Poirier wins but 2nd round TKO

Fight 2-

Glover Teixeira vs. Jared Cannonierjc

The former light heavyweight title challenger, Glover Teixeira, is the slower of the two men in this bought but he is still quite effective in the octagon. Unlike Jim Miller, Glover hasn’t lost a step and he will do his best to keep the pressure on Cannonier. Jared Cannonier is no easy task for Glover though and he should be able to keep Teixeira on the outside for a majority of the fight. To me this fight is a toss up and I believe I’m going to take the underdog in this one.

Winner: Cannonier wins by unanimous decision in a less than stellar bout

Fight 3-

Ronaldo “Jacrsare” Souza vs Tim Boetsch

Yet another fight where I don’t quite understand why this match up made sense. Souza is a title contender and Boetsch isn’t even close to a title shot at 185. Jacare is stronger, faster, and has a higher fight IQ than Boetsch and it doesn’t make sense why he would agree to this fight. A few weeks ago we watched Cowboy Cerrone lose his chance at a title shot to a fighter he never should have fought. I understand that fighters need to get fight to keep the money coming in but it’s fights like this where you can undue all of your hard work by losing to an un-ranked fighter. Thankfully I believe that Souza will win this fight quickly.

Winner: Souza by 1st round TKO

Fight 4-

Anderson “Spider” Silva vs Derek Brunson

This is probably your fight of the night right here. Anderson Silva was once considered the GOAT in MMA but he has lost most of his shine dband has taken some serious damage in recent fights. Derek Brunson is looking to cement himself as a true contender in the middleweight division and quite possibly sets himself up for a showdown with Jacare Souza if they both win their fights tonight. Silva is fighting to keep himself relevant with the hopes of a title shot down the line with a victory tonight. Both fighters will keep this standing and will trade punches until somebody goes to sleep or the final bell rings. Tough fight to call but it will be a joy to watch.

Winner: Brunson by split decision

Fight 5-

Holly Holm vs Germaine De Randamie

This fight really has been interesting to follow. Starting the women’s 145 division in the UFC was clearly a move to get”Cyborg” her own division and title but after having several fight offers turned down followed by a failed drug test, we have the fight you see before you. Holly Holm is the fighter getting most of the press which is deserved because she was the woman to beat Ronda Rousey for the first time but what they neglect to tell you is that she lost her next 2 fights at 135 and was on the verge of negating her legitimacy in the 135 pound division. So the UFC bring holly into the 145 division in the hopes that fighting at a higher weight will be better for her.

Germaine De Randamie is no walk in the park and she is sure to put it all on the line. For those of you who don’t know, Germaine knocked out a man during a kickboxing fight several years ago. That means that she has some serious punching power. I expect her to use that power and speed to keep holly on her toes similarly to how Valentina Schevchenko did. Don’t sleep on De Randamie tonight because she may surprise you.

Winner: De Randamie by Unanimous decision.



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