New York Jets vs The NFL Draft

 Right now the Jets have more questions surrounding the roster than players on the roster. They have enough drama at the QB position alone to create an MTV reality show. Last year they went out and got Christen Hackenberg a QB from Penn State in the 2nd round. This was not well received by fans and it turned out the fans were right. As Hackenberg has lost the faith of the coaching staff and front office, as multiple sources have said that the front office no longer sees him as the future. They also have Bryce Petty on the roster at QB who most view including my self farther away from pro-ready than any QB who has a 1st or 2nd round grade this draft.

On defense there is just as many questions, however these questions are much more difficult to answer.

The New York Jets currently hold the 6th overall pick in this years draft. Which could be used to draft an elite RB like Leonard Fournette or Dalvin Cook, they could also use it to grab an elite DB such as Jamaal Adams, Malik Hooker, or Marshone Lattimore. It seems unlikley, but it is the Jets so I would not count out Deshone Kizer, Deshaun Watson, or Mitch Trubisky either.

It seems like something that could only happen in your nightmares or the start of a biography about how an NFL-ex lost his job and slipped into a downward spiral, but it is possible after selecting Hackenberg last year the Jets could take a QB at 6 overall. Kizer to me has the highest upside out of all the QB`s and with Mahomes having some similarities to Petty I cant see them trying to repeat that. Mahomes will be 10x the QB Petty is and is my QB3 this draft he still needs some work.

While the Jets desperately need a QB I don’t think grabbing one at 6 will answer all their questions and lead them to the promise land. I think an stop-gap FA QB is the most likely decision here as they build up the defense and offensive line. There is also another 4-5 1st round QB`s next year.

The Jets currently lead the league with amount of players cut over the last 3-years who are no longer in the league. When you break it down it means the Jets have a severe lack of all-around talent. You cant win if your back-ups are not even good enough to be back ups on other teams.

With this years draft being about as deep as the Grand Canyon there is still always a drop off from elite-type talents. Guys like Fournette, Lattimore, Hooker and Foster are some of the best guys at their positions in the last few drafts if not the best. Foster alone might be the best ILB I have ever scouted in my 6-years of scouting the NFL draft. Getting any of the 3 will not only fill a hole, but give the Jets some sort of direction on how to run the team weather its offense or defense and something to build with going forward. Right now you can look at the offense or defense and count on one hand how many corner stones they actually have to build around.

Fournette- While there are a fair number of people out there who would rather see their team trade out of the 1st-round entirely before lf2picking Fournette I think he is one of the best players in this draft. He has great size and ability, his pass blocking will get better, and even with his vision issues I think those can be corrected. With his pure athleticism and size the Jets can turn the back-field into a two-headed monster with him and Powell. This would be a great idea with no true passing game. But, at the same time this raises more questions than it answers.

Such as; What will they do with Matt Forte? If, they go with a ground-happy attack what will they do with Decker and Marshall?

Those are questions that not only don’t have an easy answer, but could cause more problems than a team with out a true leader is ready to deal with. I think Fournette is worth the 6th overall pick, but wont fill a huge hole.

Lattimore or Hooker– Either one of these players here fills a major need. Hooker is a ball-hawking FS who has similarities to Ed Reed, but mhthere are questions about his 1-year at OSU and if he loves the game. Hooker might force them to keep Revis at corner, but will create a great over-the-top safety duo with Pryor. Lattimore is a proto-type corner who looks like a young Revis. Lattimore will give the Jets the ability to move Revis to safety or offer them a solid second option at corner untill he is ready to take over as the #1 CB.

Either of these players would be a huge win for the Jets. I think one of the two is the most likely pick at 6.

Foster- Foster might be the best ILB in the last 5-drafts and within his first 3-years in the league if he continues to progress he will be talked about as a top-10 player. He will be a great fit for the 3-4 system the Jets currently run and Harris is not getting any younger. Not only is Harris`s career coming to a close, but there is no hope for anyone else on the Jets roster to take that slot. Foster could come in right away and be a force in every facet of the game. He will fill a current need as well as a future need, and combine that with the OLB Lee they drafted rf2last year could start to create one of the best young front-7s in the NFL.

I would love to see Foster picked here, but its just not common to see ILB picked that high regardless of talent. Mainly due to versatility and sub-packages that most teams run the ILB or MLB only plays 2 downs and is often not involved in Nickle or Dime packages. While that is not true for every team it is true for several teams. With Harris still the Jets main LB with out a major injury if the Jets do take Foster there is a chance he is only in on about 60% of the defensive snaps. Kind of hard to justify the 6th overall pick on a guy who plays just 60% of the time.



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