Who is Haason Reddick from Temple?

 Before the Senior Bowl only people who actually got paid to look at prospects truly knew who Haason Reddick was and even then some still didn’t know who he was. Temple is not a team that produces a ton of NFL talent in the 1st round of the draft. So no one was sure what to think about this guy who played DE most of his time, but is best set to play ILB at the next level.

Well, now we all know who he is.

Hasson Reddick was given the number 7 at Temple and if you haven’t heard by now the numbers 1-10 are for the toughest guys on the team. Reddick embodies one of the toughest football players I have ever seen. Its not the same position, but he plays with the same drive, motivation and toughness as Mike Alstott did when he was playing.

Hasson Reddick:
Height- 6`1
Weight- 230
Tackles- 149
Tackles for Loss- 47
Sacks- 17.5
Forced Fumbles- 4
40-yard- 4.54

Keep in mind when you read these stats most of this was done with his hand in the ground or up near the line of scrimmage. He was primarily a DE in college.

While his size projects him to be an inside-linebacker at the next-level there has been some talk of him being able to play OLB. I don’t really see that considering his arm length and overall height. His weight I don’t think would be as much of a concern on the outside in the NFL as some are making it out to be based on the way he plays. This guys motor never stops and he has a nose for the ball. He rarely makes an incorrect first step and has good tackling form. Which should be evident considering he had 149 tackles in 42 games which is about 3 tackles a game and most of them were as a DL.

The major concerns from Reddick are less about his size and more about the fact that the projects into a position he has never really played. Its hard to want to risk a high-end pick on creating a player for an important position. While we see it all the time for Qb`s they at leasthr4 played that position you just want them to play it a different way. In Reddicks case you will be taking a primarily DE and turning him into a 3-4 ILB most likely. Which is a big jump and a totally different set of hand, foot, and body positions.

I will say this, with the MLB usually being the leader of the team he has that ability locked down. He could grade out as the best leader in this class, if you could put an actual number on leadership ability.

While Reddick is no stranger to tackling or doing it behind the line of scrimmage as he averaged over 1 tackle-for-loss a game in college he will be mainly used in coverage at the next level. What little tape there is of him in true zone or man coverage he did do fairly well. He should be a great match up with the RB out of the backfield with his 40-time, but I would not match him up next to the bigger TE`s. I would leave that to a safety even if he can keep up with them speed wise. He had some good zone coverage ability and fuilid hips when he was going away from the line of scrimmage and usually kept his eyes in the backfield. He graded out in coverage for me better than I thought he would when I was looking at his tape.

No matter how you see Reddick weather its EDGE or MLB one thing is for sure his talent, drive, and motor combo make him worthy of a top-50 pick. I wouldn’t use a first round pick on a guy who has never played the position I want him to play, but if he fits in as an OLB in someones system I could see it.

Player comp- Faster better pass rushing Mason Foster
Draft Projection- 44th to Buffalo Bills
Draft High- 39th to New York Jets
Draft Low- 97th to Denver Bronocs
Best Fits- Bills, Jets, Chiefs, Texans, and Titans






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