Cooper Kupp Scouting Report

Cooper Kupp was a relatively unknown player to most people before about 3-weeks ago or until they saw him at the Senior Bowl. While I think Zay Jones and Taywan Taylor were the heartthrobs of the Senior Bowl, Cooper showed that he belongs with the best of the best. After playing his college career at a non-D1 school,there were tons of questions.

Could he repeat vs real talent? Would he still be fast? Can he out jump better taller players? Did he have solid enough routes and body movement?

He put most of those to rest in the Senior Bowl as he produced and played just as well as he did at his college. The combine is his next big step on his road from unknown to mid-round pick to most people. He will not be a 1st round pick his overall ability and talent is not there, but he is good enough to warrant a very least tan 3rd round pick for any team.

However, there is one big issue with Cooper. He will turn 24 before he ever takes a snap in the NFL.

Lets take a look at his breakdown:

Cooper Kupp:
Height- 6 feet 2 inches
Weight- 198lbs
Est. 40-time- 4.55
Rec- 428
Rec yards- 6,464
Rec TD- 73
Rec avg- 15.1 yardsKr/Pr- 90 kick return yards, 424 punt return yards and 3 TD`s
Best Game- 2015- W 20 rec, 275 yards and 3 TD`s
Games played- 52

On paper this is one great player with amazing stats and played all 4 years, he did not have a single season with less than 90 rec, less than 1, 400 yards or less than 16 TD. That is amazing when you think about it as there are many WR in college some even drafted who have never had 90 rec, 1400 yards and 16TD in any season let alone more than than one of those stats in the same season.

Many people argue that Zay Jones had the best season in college football for a WR with 158 Rec, 1, 746 and 8 TD`s. Coopers totals this year were just as good if not even better 117 rec, 1,700 yards and 17 TD.

Coopers best TD season was his first year as he hauled in an insane 21 TD`s, his career highs for receptions and yards were all this year.

He does have close to 1st round talent with his ability to run clean routes, he has a big catch radius, he has good jump ability, and he can block very well as well in any situation. His big knocks are the fact he will be 24 when he takes his first snap which is about 3-years older than most rookies. Cooper also should run around a 4.52-4.55 at the combine, which is quick but he does not have a second gear, so his chances at the next level to beat everyone on the field for a long TD are not as great as they were in college.

I also question his true route tree ability, many of his catches came on mesh routes or short crossing routes, deep routes from the seam or on moving after his QB came out of the pocket. I did not see him run a ton of normal pro-style offense routes and when he ran curls or come-backs he did not attack the ball or get the separation you would want to see with a guy of his size and wingspan with a bit of a push off.

He will still be effective at the next level with his current skill set and will be able to build on that as well. This week he also showed that he can compete against next-level talent so that wont be an issue. It will be how he fits into the offense I think he will be a better #2 WR than a Slot. I think he can use his body and size and great hands better than he will be able to be a typical slot guy at he next level. No matter where he goes he will be able to find a home as he has only  few flaws and its not common to see a WR who can block as good as he can coming out of college.  His instincts should not be over-looked either he always knows where his defender is as well as the safeties, and he is always aware when his QB starts moving in the pocket, changing his route to get closer to him or finding a way to get open. That skill is one that even some WR in the NFL dont have, and he is very good at it. Any team with a mobile QB will fall in love with that ability instantly.

I think he has early 2nd round to mid 2nd round type talent, but his age will knock him down.

Cooper Kupp Projections:
Comparison- Eric Decker
Draft Projection- 53rd to Detriot Lions
Highest pick- 44th to Buffalo BillsLowest pick- 104th Kansas City Chiefs
Best Fits- Lions, Bills, Cheifs, Seahakws, Buccaneers


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