CFB Championship Teams Stacking The 1st Round

This years College Football Championship did more than just live up to the hype, it may have been one of the best title games of the last two decades. What might be even more amazing is the fact that those two teams alone could have 7-10 players selected in the first round, in this draft which is one of the deepest drafts I have ever scouted. While there might be a lack of what you would consider “Franchise Qb`s” there is a great deal of talent at WR, CB, DE, OLB, DT, TE and RB. Even with all that talent and depth Clemson and Alabama could represent 30% or more of picks in the first round.

Potential 1st round picks Alabama- Jon Allen- DT, Tim Williams- OLB, Ryan Anderson- OLB, OJ Howard- TE, Marlon Humphrey- CB, Cam Robinson- OT and Reuben Foster- ILB

Potential 1st round picks Clemson- Deshaun Watson- QB, Mike Williams- WR, Cordea Tankersley- CB, and Carlos Watkins- DE

While that’s not all those two teams will give to the NFL Draft this year its impressive that they could send so many players into the 1st round of the draft and shows the level of talent that was in the championship. While there are over 100 teams in College Football there is a large gap between elite teams and good teams, and this is one of the clear dividers. Each year it seems the first two rounds are run by 8-10 teams and teams like Alabama, Ohio State, Florida, USC, Michigan, FSU and Clemson seem to have 4-10 guys picked each year from their roster.

Alabama alone may see upwards of 10 players drafted this year, while this is not an un-common thing I don’t think they will break Ohio States record which they just set not to long ago. The record was 10 players in the first 3 rounds.

Out of all the players listed by both teams we could see 4 of them in the top-10 in Watson, Allen, Mike Williams and Foster.

Not only could we see 4 of them in the top-10, but as for Allen, Foster and Williams they are the best at their positions in the draft and will be all-pros in a very short time. Between this years draft and next years draft it will be hard to find a team in the league who does not have an Alabama defensive player. Even with the early projections for next year Alabama is slated to send another 4-5 defensive players into the first round of the NFL Draft.

In this years draft if you take a look at last years CFB Top-25 we could see 28/32 picks coming from a top-25 school. With some outliers in Forrest Lamp, OG-WKU,  Mitch Trubisky, QB- UNC, DeShone Kizer, QB- Notre Dame and Takkarist McKinley, OLB- UCLA. The top-end teams have been turning out a ton of NFL ready talent over the last few years. In this draft and the following draft we could see the top-10 picks come from just 4-6 colleges.


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