Showdown Spotlight CB: Sidney Jones vs Adoree Jackson

 Welcome to my first “Showdown Spotlight Series” article.

It will be the first of many to come, and I will also take requests if you want to see two players compared for the up-coming NFL Draft. In this one we will focus on two slightly under-sized yet explosive Pac-12 corner backs. They are Sidney Jones from the Washington Huskies and Adoree Jackson from the University of Southern California Trojans. Before we go any farther I will point out I am a big fan of both of these players, and both are on my top-10 list for CB in this draft. While they are similar in play both have different strengths and weaknesses. Unless there are some unforeseen issues both of these fantastic players will be 1st round picks.

*the italicized categories represent who has the better line for that category.*

Sidney Jones                                          Adoree Jackson 
Height: 6 feet 1 inches                           Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Weight: 181 lbs                                   Weight: 185 lbs
Est. 40-yard-dash: 4.49                    Est. 40-yard-dash: 4.43
Ints: 8                                                     Ints: 6
Tackles: 145, 8.5 for loss                        Tackles: 139, 6 tackles for loss
Passes defensed: 21                           Passes defensed: 28
Sacks: 1                                                  Sacks: None
Forced Fumbles:                                Forced Fumbles: 3
Off. Yrds & TDs: None                      Off  Yrds & TDs: 39 Rec 628 Yards 16.1 Avg 6 TD. 15 Rush 92 Yards 16.1 Avg 0 TD.
KR/PR Yards: None                          KR/PR Yards: 2141 KR Yrds 4 TD 21.1 avg,  578 PR Yrds 4 TD 12.6 avg.
Best game: 2014-Win 12 Tak    Best game: 2016- L to Utah 1 Ru 11 Ru Yrds. 100 KR yrds 1 KR TD. 7 Tak. 2 PD.
Games played: 40                                   Games played: 39

Current draft projection based on my latest mock for Sidney Jones- Green Back Packers at pick 27.
Current draft projection based on my latest mock for Adorre Jackson- Tennessee Titans at pick 18.

sj1As you can see Sidney Jones won via defensive categories 5 to 2. But, Adoree won for the offensive and special teams categories. The best game was a tie to me since part of Adoree`s was not on defense and the games played went to Sidney as well.

Both of these corners came out of the same conference the Pac-12 and played the same competition for the most part as USC and Washington are in different division. While some of the offensive talent at WR left something to be desired, they where by far the best two draft-eligible corners in that conference by a good margin. Both of these players were on top-25 teams by the season end as Sidney Jones helped lead the Washington defense to a playoff game. You could easily argue had USC gone to now famous QB Sam Darnold earlier in the year they may have taken that spot away from the Huskies.

While these corners are close one is far more corner ready in Sidney Jones. While, Adoree Jackson needs help. However, with his utility he is more helpful to a current NFL team.

Sidney Jones with his height will be just as effective in the pros as he was in college on the press coverage and mimicking how Richard Sherman played the game. If is 40-yard-dash time is to be what we think and he is close to a 4.5 or ends up at a 4.6, he will be much more useful in zone coverage. Which I think would be a bit harder to reach his potential at. As many NFL teams now are focusing on each corner having to stay on one side of the field and mix in and out of man and zone, even drop into deep 3rd coverage.

Jones will need less time to get to his true potential as he was more focused on one aspect of the game. Where as Adoree was used all over the field.

Adoree Jackson was easily one of the most explosive players in all of college football who played on offense, defense and special teams. I am sure right now you are thinking of another guy who did aj3that in Jabrill Peppers from Michigan. While Jabrill did do that and is arguably more explosive he also did not focus in on one position on defense. Adoree was a pure corner. Most of the time you would see him left on an island and lined up vs some of the best WR in the country like John Ross. Adoree always had a nose for the ball and this year showed it and exploded for 5 picks and 11 passes defensed. He had more picks and passes defensed in his last season than did Sidney in any of his seasons. He also had 55 tackles which was far more than Jones over this last year.

When you look at both of these elite talents Adoree stat wise seemed to have progressed from last year to this year, where as Jones looked to have gone down.

This can easily fool you into thinking that Jones had been exploited, this is not the case. He was just thrown at less as people started to figure out he was one of the most elite defensive backs in the country. He was almost never thrown on when they played against USC. Jones and Adoree like most corners stuck to one side for the most part. While both of them were elite, Adoree was a much better man-to-man corner than zone and just the opposite for Jones. This is most likley due to Adoree having much more make up speed which is better utilized in man-to-man coverage, and allowing Sidney Jones to use his height and length at maximum in low-zones and letting him come of the edge.

This has been one of the few showdowns where it is hard for me to pick a clear winner.

As far as defense goes as of right now Sidney Jones is the better player, but Adoree Jackson is the better overall player with his massive utility. Adoree to me has a higher ceiling with his speed and his ball hawking ability and he loves to tackle. You can not go wrong with either of these players and I expect both of them within three years to be talked about as some of the best in the game.

Sidney Jones comp- Desmond Trufant
Projected daft- 27th to GB, High is pick 18 Titans and Low is pick 38th to Jets

Adoree Jackson comp- Patrick Peterson
Projected draft- 18th to Titans, High of 6th to Jets and Low is pick 32 to Patriots


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