Geoff`s 2017 NFL Mock Draft v2.0

  1.  Cleveland (1-15)- Myles Garrett, EDGE- Texas A&M 6`5 262lbs
    This is a no brainier here. Myles Garrett to me is the best player on the board hands down. He will be able to turn that defense around if they can build with him. Along with Collins and Shelton adding Garret will give them one of the better front 7`s in football.
  2. San Francisco (2-14)- Deshaun Watson, QB- Clemson 6`3 215lbs
    I was stuck on this pick for quite a bit. I could not truly decide what needed the most or how they would want to address it here. This was only made harder with out knowing their GM or coach. But, currently they have QB issues with no one really knowing what they will do with Gabbert or Kapernick. Watson may not come out and light it up, but in a season or two he will be the QB we all saw in college. The only thing that will be a blessing year one and a curse year two is how much he likes to run. They do not have a shining light at WR so those legs of his will provide an extra explosive ability for what is seemingly a one dimensional offense.
  3.  Chicago (3-13) ***I think they trade down** But, since I dont do trades in my mocks this early. Mitch Trubisky, QB- UNC 6`3 220lbs
    There should be no reason Chicago keeps this pick. They have a ton of needs, and they have a stop-gap QB this year and can get an elite guy next year. They are starting a full rebuild and can get several picks for this one. But, since I wont do that for another few months they take Trubisky here. They have liked him for a while and should be able to come in and play right away. While I don’t like the pick, this does seem more or less the most likely thing they will do should they keep the pick.
  4. Jacksonville (3-13)- Tim Williams, EDGE- Alabama 6`4 252
    One word; Win. That is exactly what this teams defense will do with Tim Williams as the newest addition. With that defense having one more year together, and some new coaching adding an elite player like Williams will easily make them one of the most explosive defenses in football. They can change in an out of 4-3 and 3-4 seamlessly or 1 gap and 2 gap with him and the rest of the team. Being able to add a player like Tim Williams who is not only the best player on the board but a great fit for a versatile defense is another big win for a defense who has taken home maybe the best defensive player in 3-straight-drafts.
  5.  Tennessee – from Los Angeles (4-12)- Malik Hooker, S- OSU 6`2 205lbs
    Tennessee showed they can play offense with the best of them finishing with one of the best offenses and offensive lines in the NFL. However, their defense left much to be desired. Here they take a solid pick with Malik Hooker, he is one of the best defensive players in this class. While Jamal Adams might be the best coverage safety, Hooker is much more physical. Which has become more desired and safety`s have started to play LB in nickle formations and cover the ever evolving position of Tight End.
  6.  New York Jets (5-11)- Lenoard Fournette, RB- LSU 6`1 230lbs
    For the second time in 2-years the Jets take the best player available. Fournette is a top-5 player on almost everyone`s top-player boards. The best part is there is an actual for need offensive play-makers. Now, they do have Powell and Forte as their current running backs which could make for an interesting post-draft decision. But, he is maybe the best offensive player in this draft and without a QB and a questionable offensive line getting a guy who can get yards by himself and put the game on his back is too good to pass up.
  7. San Diego (LA Chargers) (5-11)- Jonathan Allen, DT- Alabama 6`3 291lbs
    Last year we saw them make a move that rippled hard throughout the team and several people lost their jobs when they selected Joey Bosa. This turned out to be a dynamite pick as he destroyed offenses by himself once he got going. Adding Allen to that defense which just got Wade Phillips is a massive steal for them. Allen has a ton of versatility and Wade Phillips can do some amazing things with defensive linemen. Having Allen line up next to Bosa or on the other side would make for one of the most terrifying duos in all of football.
  8. Carolina (6-10)- Mike Williams, WR- Clemson 6`3 225lbs
    Cam has no one to throw too should be all the reason you need to accept the Panthers going WR here. Outside of Olsen they have Funchess, Kelvin Benjamin (coming off ACL) and Tedd Ginn. Funchess has not developed as they would like and Ginn is no where close to sure handed. Having Mike Williams match up with Kelvin Benjamin on the other side would give them the best 1-2 in the NFC South. Hopefully Williams will allow them to score enough to get a win while their defense is in a rebuild. A DB here would be an easy pick, but this class is loaded with talent up until the late rounds. You see a WR like Mike Williams once a draft if you are lucky, you can get a starting DB in round 3 based on their current roster.
  9.  Cincinnati (6-9-1)- Solomon Thomas, EDGE- Stanford 6`3 271lbs
    This pick is solid. Thomas can move all around the defense with his hand on the ground or I think he could be a solid OLB as well. Cincy has had issues lately with health and suspensions across DE/OLB on their defense. Thomas might be a quite player leading up to the combine and drafts, but will fly up boards when he shows what he can do. Stanford having a down year and McCaffrey overshadowed his true talents.
  10.  Buffalo (7-9)- Ryan Ramczyk, OT- Wisconsin 6`6 313lbs
    Buffalo has far more questions on offense than they have answers. They really don’t have a solution at QB, and WR is about as solid as jello. However, the offensive line is an issue and having Shady who just came off a great season giving him an offensive-linemen who can create more holes will only help him duplicate this season. While there are more needs T will help keep a QB up and allow Shady to get out to the edge as Ramczyk can seal an edge better than anyone in college. He is a big massive player and will do great on that line.
  11.  New Orleans (7-9)- Quincy Wilson, CB- Florida 6`1 213lbs
    The Saints have had issues at CB for years. Quincy is by far the best true CB in this draft. He comes out ready to become his own island if given the chance. Considering the lack of DB talent in NOLA right now he will have that chance. I think the Saints will scream for joy with this pick, while its not a “sexy” pick the moment he dawns an Saints jersey he will be one of the top-3 most talented players on that defense.
  12.  Cleveland – from Philadelphia (7-9)- DeShone Kizer, Notre Dame 6`5 220lbs
    At 12 Cleveland steals a pick right in front of Arizona. Kizer would fall to round 2 if he is not picked here or by Arizona or Kansas City. Cleveland has a ton of needs lets be honest here they were the worst team in football. While they could wait and get a QB in round 2, Kizer has the highest ceiling in this class and it would be a huge gamble on if he would last to round 2 or to bank on being the worst team again for an elite QB next year. While Kizer will not be “pro-ready” until maybe 2018-2019 he has the highest ceiling of any QB this draft. When he gets it all together he has elite arm talent. Cleveland should be happy with this pick and can always get a QB again in round 3 or 4 with one of their picks, if they chose to part ways with Kessler or RG3 for more picks or offensive line. Is it shocking to think they could take 3 QB`s in 2 drafts? No, not really. They have not had a solid QB in over 3 decades and if they cant get it right they will never win.
  13. Arizona (7-8-1)- Takkarist McKinley, UCLA 6`2 250lbs
    Arizona has a few questions surrounding the future of the team. They will be able to address QB, WR or OL in the next two rounds. But, right here they get what is a steal wrapped in gold with Takkarist. He is one of the most amazing players I have seen this year, he loves this game and never stops. I think the could be a great OLB at the next level and still be able to play with his hand down. Campbell their all-pro DE is about done playing and they dont have a ton of elite talent in the front 7. With Todd Gurley, Carlos Hyde, and Thomas Rawls being able to start the run and blitz a young QB in SF and LA will be something they will need to climb back to the top of this division.
  14. Indianapolis (8-8)- Jamal Adams, S- LSU 6`1 214lbs
    I really did struggle here on if they would take Ethan Pocic the best Center in this class or go for a stand out defensive player. I think Jamal Adams is where they will go. Adams for the longest time was a top-10 pick for many people, he fell just outside of that here. I think Hooker has some more physicality which is why he was picked first but Adams is the next great coverage safety. Indy will be able to have him shut down one half of the field and if they decide to move him to CB, it may take a year or two but I think he is talented enough he could be just as good there as well. Think of him as the coverage version and a step slower than Jalen Ramsey last year.
  15. Philadelphia – from Minnesota (8-8)- Dalvin Cook, RB- FSU 5`11 213lbs
    Odd part with this pick is I think both of these teams would take Cook here Philly or Minnesota. Cook to me is a similar player to McCaffrey but is a bit smaller height wise. Philly needs a star RB like you need oxygen to breathe. Their WR cant do much for that offense and they cant continue a RB by committee if they want to have a hope to win this division any time soon. While a WR would also be a solid pick, Cook is a much better player than Ross or Davis and there is several choices for WR in FA and all signs point to Maclin or DeSean Jackson coming back to Philly in FA.
  16. Baltimore (8-8)- Reuben Foster, ILB- Alabama 6`1 236lbs
    Baltimore has gone the Bama LB route before and it worked out pretty well for them. Foster is the best ILB in this class, it can be argued Cunningham is but Foster to me is the better overall prospect. Baltimore needs to start revamping that defense as the Pittsburgh offense keeps getting more explosive. The offense is starting to suffer, they could go WR here as well just like Philly but they have some good ones who just need more time. If they pass on Foster here and he ends up in Pitt and he tears them apart they will regret it for years.
  17. Washington (8-7-1)- Christian McCaffrey, RB- Stanford 6`0 201lbs
    This is a dream scenario they wont pass up. They just lost their OC and McCaffrey can be an offense all in him self, if they lose Desean Jackson like we think they will he is the easy pick. He can play KRPR, all 3 downs, Slot WR and block. McCaffrey could be the most dynamic offensive player in this draft. They have had RB by committee for a while now and have young WR who are coming into their own. McCaffrey is a great pick for a team needing a dynamic play maker at the RB position.
  18. Tennessee (9-7)- Adoree Jackson, CB- Univ. of Southern California 5`11 185lbs
    Tennessee fans will be super happy to go back to back defensive back in this draft. Getting a physical safety and one of the most exciting CB`s in college football this year in Adoree Jackson. He is another guy who can also double on special teams. I don’t think right now he is a lock down corner but at his prime-peak he will end up a top-10 corner in the NFL. While he may be a bit under-rated right now after the combine and pro-days I could see him being a top-3 corner on every teams board. Tennessee will need to make him a bit bigger if they can while still keeping his explosive ability at 185 he is smaller than just about any WR he will come up against.
  19. Tampa Bay (9-7)- Zach Cunningham, ILB- Vanderbilt 6`4 212lbs
    Tampa is building something very special right now, on both offense and defense. DT and LB are needs for them here. While I don’t think we will ever see another Ray Lewis, Zach is similar in some aspects. He is a very physical LB and can cover with the best of them at that position. Tampa will be boasting the best 4-3 LB corps with him, David, and Alexander. Cunningham would be much higher on most peoples boards if he did not go to Vandy. He is also one of the smartest ILB I have seen in the past few drafts. With Cunningham in the mix it opens up Tampa to move Kwon Alexander or David to a DE in Nickle packages, giving Cunningham the lead at LB every time he is on the field.
  20. Denver (9-7)- Corey Daivs, WR- Western Michigan 6`3 213lbs
    This would be a massive steal and surprise for Denver here getting many peoples #1 WR in Corey Davis. While D-Thomas is still one of the best players at the WR position in the NFL they don’t really have a solid #2. They are still trying to figure out the QB situation and have a brand new coaching staff. Giving either QB and the new staff one of the best WR in this draft will really help this offense get back on track. He is another solid possession WR who could be compared to Larry Fitz when he gets it all figured out. With this pick being very important to a franchise who fell from grace trying to gamble with guys like Peppers, OJ Howard or Cam Robinson could pay off, but if they dont end up being elite and they pass on the next great possession WR they will regret it for a long time. So I don’t see them passing him up here.
  21. Detroit (9-7)- John Ross, WR- Washington 5`11 190lbs
    John Ross is actually my #2 WR in this class. While he may not have the elite possession ability of Corey Davis the WR who was just picked he is a better overall player. He is what Desean Jackson and Tayvon Austin wish they could be. He can play any WR position as well as special teams, wildcat and any gimmick play you can come up with. I think he is the most explosive offensive player in this draft and I am sure other teams do as well. Detroit right now got Stafford to his best form yet, while only having Golden Tate and Anquan Boldin to throw too. While I think Boldin is well past his prime, Ross will give them a massive deep threat option as well as an Hester like explosive kick returner. Detroit made it to the playoffs this year and if they keep going in this direction a player like this could get them the lead over the division.
  22. Miami (10-6)- Jabrill Peppers, ATH- Michigan 6`1 205lbs
    With no true position Peppers fell far in this draft, which is just fine with Miami. They need help at all the defensive back positions as well as LB. They will have a rare opportunity to see where he fits best and groom him from there. He will also give them another option on special teams. There are as many holes in Peppers games as there are things to like about him. Miami surely wont pass this up, even if it is a high-risk high-reward type pick.
  23. New York Giants (11-5)- OJ Howard, TE- Alabama 6`6 251
    Originally I had them taking an offensive linemen here and think they could still do that, but seeing how many OL are getting pushed to the second round getting the best TE in the draft is something they will not pass up. They have a revolving door of who will show up between; OBJ, Sheppard and Cruz. While OBJ is nothing short of elite having another option up the middle should free up OBJ and Sheppard do to what they do best. Howard is also the best blocking tight end in the draft as well which should vastly improve the questionable run game. Going Howard here allows them to do whatever they want on offense with the next pick which I think will come down to OT, RB, or ILB.
  24. Oakland (12-4)- Derek Barnett, EDGE- Tennessee 6`3 265lbs
    Despite Oakland having Mack and several other pass-rushers they were dead last in sacks this year. Barnett was the best guy at getting to the QB almost every year he was at Tennessee in all of college football. He will instantly improve the pass rush and allow the Raiders to flex between 4-3 and 3-4 as he can take over DE and move Mack back to LB or have them both play OLB and terrify every OT in the league.
  25. Houston (9-7)- Dan Freeny OG- Indiana 6`4 311lbs
    This is another team who for me can literally go anywhere with this pick. They just gave Brock a massive deal and finally made it to the playoffs. Offensive line has been a bit of an issue, Brock has shown he can be worth the money if he has time. Freeny will do just that, but even more is the fact he will be the best run blocker this team has. Lamar Miller is not getting any younger so look for them go to RB in round 2 to match with this big beastly OG.
  26. Seattle (10-5-1)- Cam Robinson, OT- Alabama 6`6 326lbs
    Cam has started his slide down draft boards the more his tape gets picked apart he is a big mauling OT. Seattle has little to no true elite players on this offensive line. With Cam here they will have two young SEC OL on that line who have seen the best defenses in college. Cam will come in and be their best offensive linemen. We saw earlier this year and the end of last year Wilson get his more than he should and since he is being paid a kings ransom keeping him upright will be Seattle’s main concern in this draft. Robinson will be an easy pick here.
  27. Green Bay (10-6)- Sidney Jones, CB- Washington 6`0 181lbs
    No team has been more injured at CB/S than Green Bay was this year. While they don’t have much talent in general at either of those positions getting a guy who can step-in and play at a minimum nickle or #2 CB this year is a big win for them. Since Detroit went out and got a WR and Chicago might keep Jeffrey having someone to stop them both and that talented WR for the Vikings named Diggs must be the highest priority for the Packers. Another easy clear choice and when he pans out the GM will finally get some praise.
  28. Pittsburgh (11-5)- Ethan Pocic, C- LSU 6`7 302lbs
    It has been another injury plagued year for the Steelers offensive line. Pocic is the best center is this draft and its not really that close. While I think he might be moved around for his first year or two due to them having a solid center already, he will bring a great talent to an offensive line that needs it. This pick will also make Bell and Big Ben happy as well, keeping both of them healthy is the only way they can win, with that defense lacking.
  29. Atlanta (11-5)- Eddie Jackson, S- Alabama 6`0 194lbs
    Atlanta went out and got the stand out safety Neal last year and they get Jackson here. Jackson looks to be every bit as good if not better than Neal. Their HC was part of the Seattle regime that drafted Cam and Earl and created the deadliest safety combo this league has ever seen. They were a big part of what got the Seahawks to the Superbowl twice. The same formula is in the works here. Eddie is coming in under-rated to do an injury early this year, but is one of the best safeties the storied Alabama has ever had.
  30. Kansas City (12-4)- Taco Charlton, DT- Michigan 6`6 272lbs
    Right now the Chiefs have maybe the best defense in football, adding Taco to it makes them even better. While Ford could also be the pick here, having Taco next to Poe on that defensive line starts to remind me of what the Jets had with Wilkerson, Richardson and Harrison. With Taco and Poe noone will be able to run on them and allow the vicious pass rushing LB`s they have to get the job done. Not to mention Taco is no stranger to sacking the QB himself. Amassing 19 sacks in his career and 10 his last season.
  31. Dallas (13-3)- Isaiah Ford, WR- Virginia Tech 6`2 195lbs
    Dallas just created a new big 3 with Elliot, Prescott and Bryant. However, what they don’t have is a solid #2 WR. Jason Witten does not have much time left as a reliable target before he retires, so going out and getting a top-end WR will be high on their board. Ford is one of the best WR in all of college football with some people and teams having him as high as #2 for WR. If they do not see a good option at DB or DE end here they will end up with the highest rated WR. Right now that is just what happens. It may end up going as a quiet pick, Ford will open eyes quickly as a great option for their 2nd year QB.
  32. New England (14-2)- Alvin Kamara, RB- Tennessee 5`10 215lbs
    The Patriots have not had a solid RB in a long time as they have liked to have a running back rotation. Blount most likely will not be back and even when Dion Lewis is on he is not an elite RB by him self. Kamara came on very strong at the end of the season as a very explosive player. Going RB here is a high priority and Kamara is the best player left on the board in most war rooms at this point as well. Having an explosive player who can do anything they want at the RB position is something they have not had at an high-level in a very long time.

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