Dallas Goedert, The FCS TE That Needs Your Attention

Dallas Goedert, The Britton Bomber


Dallas Goedert the monster tight end for the South Dakota State Jackrabbits has been making a name for himself throughout this 2016 college football season. Leading all Division I tight ends in catches (92) and yards (1293) and was second in touchdowns, and has made more than his share of highlight reel plays.One of those plays that specifically stands out was a one handed touchdown catch he made in the back of the end zone vs. Drake. That play was good enough to be the 5th best play on a Sportscenter top 10 segment.

The thing about Dallas is that he’s far more than his highlights, from a down to down basis he is consistently making an impact for his team, whether it be making key blocks or being a diversion for his teammates, he is all over the film.

In the NFL, teams are desperately looking for tight ends that you can move all over the field, creating mismatches for the defense. That is exactly what Goedert does, he is a dynamic chess piece that coaches will love and move all over the field. When watching him play, you can instantly recognize that he plays everywhere getting reps in-line, from the slot, and even as the outside receiverdg2, and he excels from each spot. As a blocker he is both willing and able. While his blocking skills leave something to be desired at the next level it should be expected that he is raw in that area with such great catching ability that over shadows the traditional TE roles.

Explosive athleticism has played a huge role during his rocket like ascension into one of CFBs most dynamic players. From all accounts this wasn’t an overnight transformation either, he arrived at SDSU as a walk on about 50 lbs. lighter, but during the last three years he has added to his frame all while becoming more explosive. He has a vertical jump of 36″, and a broad jump of 9 ft 7 inches. While there is no listed 40 time for Goedert one can assume that his is between 4.50 and 4.60, based solely on what his 10 yard split is (1.51). This type of athleticism put’s him in the upper echelon of NFL starters, with the physical testing information that has been made available to the public, Goedert has tested very similarly to Rob Gronkowski. That’s not to say he is Gronkowski, that would be placing expectations way too high.

Currently Dallas is near pro size coming in at 6`5 and around 250 lbs, while still maintaining the 4.5/4.6 speed that rips apart the front 7.

Goedert while very talented, has his limitations, he’s not overly quick in and out of his breaks, and he goes down often from minimal contact. That being said, it really doesn’t take away too much from what he offers as a player.He’s an instant contributor in the NFL, and may very well end up being a 1st or 2nd round selection. When he gets to the NFL he will bring a unique dynamic to any offense, offensive coordinators will love him, and defensive coordinators will fear him.

Projection- Early 2nd round
Highest- Late-teens-1st round
Comparison- Delanie Walker






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