Patrick Mahomes The Best QB You Don`t Know

Each year in college ball there is always someone who is overlooked. Patrick might easily be the most overlooked player in all of college football. One clear reason might be his team. Patrick Mahomes plays QB at Texas Tech whose current record is 3-3 and could be the worst team in the state of Texas. The other reason could easily be the fact that there is four or five QB`s who might have enough talent to be a first-round pick in this year’s NFL Draft in; DeShone Kizer, Deshaun Watson, Brad Kaaya, Mitch Trubisky, and Chad Kelly.

Whatever the reason might be or is we all need to take a serious look at this kid.

Patrick stands a tall 6`3 and tips the scales at 230lbs. He is a mack truck back there behind center. Going into his third year at Texas Tech he is doing nothing, but inching closer to being an elite QB. If for nothing else but his pure physical abilities teams at the next level should be itching to get this kid.

Last year he totaled: 

4653 passing yards
36 TD: 15 INT
147 passer rating
131 rush att 456 rushing yards
10 TD

That is one hell of a sophomore year as he started 13 games after only starting 7 games as a freshman. Even as a true freshman, he had 1500 passing yards and a 16-4 TD-to-INT ratio and 100 rush yards. If his eye-popping sophomore season was not enough to get your attention, this year he is even better. The progression at QB for Patrick seems to be off the charts, yet he seems to be on not one chart for the next great QB.

Through just 6 games this year he has; 2500 pass yards, 21 pass TD to just  5 INT, not to mention an out of this world 172 passer rating. He has even matched his great passing stats with 152 rush yards and 7 rush TD.

You can describe him in about three words; Big, Strong, and Smart. There are only a few QB`s at the next level who have all three of these, and the smart part is a bit less than the big and strong parts. I like everything about this kid.pm2

I would use him all the time in the red zone. Given the fact he is bigger than most running backs and with such a deadly arm the read-option should be an obvious choice inside the red zone every time. This kid jumps off the tape when you watch him and is very football smart. Which is something now and days we seem to overlook if the QB has enough talent to get out of a rough spot. He clearly has a big arm averaging about 10 yards per completion this year, and he does not turn the football over. Patrick`s three years combined he has only thrown 6 more interceptions than the #1 pick a few years ago Jameis Winston did in his final year in college.

Due to the fact that he is seemingly so unknown in the college ranks, I would not look for this true junior to enter the draft this year with such a loaded class. But, if he continues on this path and eclipses the 5,ooo yard mark this year it would be foolish to think he was not a top-3 QB going into next years draft.

If there is one true knock on this kid it could be the type of offense he runs. Now I know we hear this a lot, but he runs an almost perfected “Air-Raid” offense. Which could create a larger than average learning curve when he gets to the next level. With, his anit-turnover ability and size it should not be a factor. You don’t just become careless with the football when you change systems. We have seen QB`s change from Spread to Pro and Read-Option to Pro so he should not have an issue with it.

If he continues on this mark I project him as a 1st-round-pick in next years draft. Another year would be good for him, and give him the chance to try and get that team ranked and add to his already huge resume.


So to finish this off;

Pros- Big Arm, Un-natural size, Makes great reads with a verticle offense, good running ability, and next level intelligence

Cons- Lack of pro-style system, Maybe a bit heavy, Lack of ability to audible and average mechanics (he has happy feet, and makes more of a triangle with the ball in release and its high rather than by the ear and square).


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