AFC South Division Outlook

This might the most drastic we have ever seen a division change from one season to the next. Last year we saw the division get better with the Jaguars trying to surprise us, and the Titans seemingly found their Qb of the future. This off-season was one for the history books as the division got drastically better. The Texans now have a QB in Oswiler, the Jaguars drafted the two of the best defensive players in the draft, and the Titans got OL help and some generous help in trades and the Heisman RB Henry in the draft.

This division in two years could be the most dominate division in football.

The AFC South is young. Extremely young and extremely talented. The main thing missing for each team was a franchise QB, they all now have one. Now all thats left to do is keep JJ Watt from destroying them. The AFC South will be fun to watch this year and even more fun to see how it unfolds in the coming seasons. For years the Colts were at the top, this looks as if it is about to change.

Jacksonville Jaguars- Trust me I am just as surprised as you to see them at the top of this division. Jacksonville is the most complete team by a good margin in this division. They could have one of the most dangerous offenses this year, if they continue to build off of last year and stay healthy. This year in the draft they solidified why they should be the best team getting Jalen Ramsey, DB and Myles Jack, LB. They went out in free agency and grabbed several starters including; Malik Jackson, DE, Chris Ivory, RB and Prince Amuakamara, CB. Not many teams can go out get 4-6 players in free agency and use three draft picks and make each player start. The dual-backfield of Ivory and TJ Yeldon should bring not only interesting fantasy value, but a viable option for Bortles to hand off too. I can not say enough about how much this team has improved from last season and should be the favorite to win this division. At the end of the season if they continue to progress, it would not surprise me to see both the offense and defense in the top-15 of the league, if not top-10.

Houston Texans- Looking like they finally got a franchise QB and one they could start for a while in Brock Oswiler all was looking up for the Houston Texans. Until the Jaguars came out of no where and stole their thunder. The big move next to Oswiler this off-season was the addition of RB Lamar Miller from Miami. He will be a massive improvement over the aging and the oft injured Arian Foster. The additions of Will Fuller and Braxton Miller in the draft, makes the Texans look more like a track team. Which is good, Hopkins should not be double teamed as much and the big-armed Oswiler can launch 50+ yard passes all day to the Speed Team of Fuller and Miller. Houston could be much closer to the Jaguars if they would have tried to focus in on the defensive backfield, which is always a concern for them. They also left much to be desired at offensive line additions as the main part of free agency comes to a close. Houston is on the verge of a playoff team, they have the caliber now. But, the Jaguars are just too good for them this season. There are also two divisions in the AFC who could present 3 playoff teams; in the AFC East and AFC West, which could be a roadblock on their road to the playoffs. A 9 win season should be the goal for them this year, but more then anything seeing good progression from Oswiler, Fuller and Miller. Hopkins should be locked in as a top-5 fantasy WR this year.

Tennessee Titans- Well looky there the Titans are not last. The Titans have improved almost as much as the Jaguars. The only difference is the Jags were a few players away from a contender and some time, the Titans well, they were a bit more behind the curve. The draft was kind to the Titans as they got exactly what they needed they added massive OL and DL help. It is hard for Mariota to be the franchise QB if he is dead because JJ Watt killed him. They also landed Murray in a trade with Philly, and got Derrick Henry to give them a massive 1-2 punch. Their WR corps are about where the Jaguars were last year. The defense is slowly getting better, and I like the view of building it back to front. It should help their lackluster defensive backfield when the QB has less time to throw the ball. There are still a few questions for the Titans. Many of them are just about depth at WR, LB and DB. They don’t match up real well and are missing talent in general, this will come in time and through the draft. This year was a good step in there right direction. They need to keep Mariota going forward if he does not get to where they think he should be. If he fails, this could set them back 5-years. Getting close to .500 is a decent goal, though I think 6-7 wins is more likely as they have more holes then they should.

Indianapolis Colts- The Colts have Andrew Luck, and thats it. It almost pains me to say it, but in the fist 3-rounds they may have drafted 3 guys who are now part of the top-10 players on their roster. Getting a C and an OT will help one of the most sacked QB`s in NFL history stay on his feet. They have little to no offensive help at RB, WR or TE. The defense could be considered one of the five worst in the league. This looks like if they land a top-5 pick due to how bad they played, everyone will be fired. If this team goes south really quickly, I would not be surprised if they start looking to move such players as Moncrief, Davis and even Luck. This team is one of the most confusing in the league, they seem to get worse every year and it took them two seasons to try and protect Luck. It should never take two seasons to try and protect your golden child in Andrew Luck. The Colts are going nowhere fast in that fancy stadium. They will most likely end up with a top-10 pick this season, and I would expect a fire sale. They should look towards the next two drafts and offseason`s and start moving who they can after pre-season. The Colts are on my list for one of the least talented teams in all of football.


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