NFC East Divison Outlook

The NFC East was once one of the most dominating divisions in professional football. This is no longer true, its more or less a grab bag of random. One quarterback has won two Super Bowls, but doest have elite talent in Eli Manning. One quarter back has elite talent, but has signed more contracts then he has playoff wins in Tony Romo.

The other two teams in the division the Eagles and Redskins, well they are better PR stunts then actual teams.

We have seen big time coaches come and go. We saw the best running back in the league in Demarco Murray change from Dallas to Philadelphia and become one of the most over-rated. Its never good when your team has a better chance at bombing the draft then winning a playoff game. The NFC East is slowly getting better, but going no where fast. It also could be considered one of the least talented divisions at the skill positions. Having two top-10 WR helps the value in Dez Braynt and OBJ, but thats about it.

Dallas Cowboys- The best of the worst is Dallas. The addition of Ezekiel Elliot gives them the best offense in the division. That does not mean they were just one player away from Super Bowl contender. Their QB Tony Romo has had more collarbone surgeries then playoff wins. With his surgery this off-season I think it will be hard for him to comeback to his true form. They have the best offensive line in football and a top-5 WR in Dez Bryant. The defense gets better here and there. The suspensions hurt their defensive line and they seem to get a major injury to an important player each season. 2014 it was Sean Lee and in 2015 it was Orlando Scandrick. The Cowboys are still missing big pieces at defensive end and corner back, but they are the most complete team in this division. They should win this division if Romo can stay on the field if not, well we might see a 7-win team make the playoffs.

Washington Redskins- After the cowboys its up for grabs for the Giants and the Redskins. The Redskins just have a few more things going for them then the Giants do. Their QB Kirk Cousins is still sort of an NFL enigma on if he is a real starter or just a spot starter. The defense is what will save there season this year getting Josh Norman from the Panthers was a huge upgrade for them. They also scored three great picks in the draft with Josh Doctson WR, Su`a Cravens OLB, and Kendall Fuller CB. Those three will all start with out a doubt when they open the season. Cravens might be the most interesting of the bunch as he could be moved to safety as one of those new tweener players the NFL is all a buzz about. They have a decent offense as long as Matt Jones can handle the load a running back, they are still a far cry away from a legit playoff team. A .500 season should be about par for them this year. Kirk Cousins could be a sneaky QB1 in fantasy football this year having Doctson, Garcon and Reed at TE to throw too.

New York Giants- I cant say enough how close they could have been to a good team this year, but went and reached HARD on Eli Apple a CB out of Ohio State. Then in the second round went WR with the under-sized Sterling Shepard. Needing massive upgrades at LB and OL this was a head scratching draft for them and not a good one to start off with for a new regime. To me though I think the Achilles tendon for them is the fact they don’t have a true running back. Cruz and OBJ are always dangerous on the outside for offense, but past that there is not much to look forward too. As it will be the first season with the new defensive line they got in free agency, mid-season they could surprise and be one of the best in the league. If Apple fails to produce as a top-10 pick, the Giants will be sitting on the worst defensive backfield in the NFL. This should be a .500 season for the Giants anything past that and something went wrong somewhere for the Cowboys and Redskins. I do give the Giants credit, they have a team to build around with their WR and DL corps. However, not keeping Eli upright and not being able to stay with opposing offenses in the pass game is a big issue.

Philadelphia Eagles- Once a powerhouse in the NFC East, they blew it with the Chip Kelly experiment and right after he left they cleaned house. I wont say they got low-value on players, but they could have done much more. They gave up two players and several top-end picks to move up and get Carson Wentz when it was all said and done. They have a Qb in Sam Bradford who they gave a new contract too who was supposed to groom Wentz. Bradford at the moment as no intention of returning to the team after the Wentz pick. This is bad, bad news for the Eagles. The QB they drafted in Wentz is at least two years away from being a quality NFL starter and the guy in-front of him does not want to play. Well then, past that they have well, nothing. Eagles are sporting the worst WR, RB and DB corps in the league. If they didn’t have Fletcher Cox and a few others, they might have the least talented roster in the NFL. The Eagles are a long way away from anything resembling relevant. The offense is a question mark and the defense is in shambles. The best case scenario for them is Bradford comes in and starts and they stay out of a top-10 slot. With the running backs and WR in next years draft, winning this year could possibly hurt the team far worse then help. Since they are more then a hop, skip and a jump away from a playoff contender.


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