Who Is Leonard Fournette?

The years of the running backs are upon us. We saw two high-level running backs go in this past draft in Ezekiel Elliot and Derrick Henry. There are many more on the horizon. In the 2017 daft we could see such stars as; Lenoard Fournette, Christan McCaffery and Nick Chubb.

You can hear the roar of Death Valley Stadium the home of the LSU Tigers, from miles away.

Some say its the crowd, in one of the largest stadiums in the NCAA. Screaming for the purple and gold, but I like to think its the sound of Fournette becoming one of the best running backs in college. Since he dawned the purple and gold as a freshman he as completely dominated the SEC.

There are few running backs in recent memory who are as good stat wise as Fournette.

With the stout defenses in the SEC he still continues to produce on a high level, not just a one year wonder. He has done it for back to back seasons. Even with the drop off at the end of last season it was still historic for the now Junior running back Leonard Fournette. After this year Fournette might be the best running back since Bo Jackson to come out of the SEC.

2015 Stats: Career Stats:
1953 rush yards 2987 rush yards total in 2 seasons
22 rush TD 32 rush td total in 2 seasons
253 receiving yards 380 receiving yards in 2 season
1 receiving TD 1 receiving TD in 2 seasons

He stands a tall 6`1 and a big 230 for his speed and quickness, he is bigger then McCaffery who I did a report on just a day ago. He is more of an down hill type runner. With a second gear that can not be ignored. The hardest part of McCaffery is touching him, the hardest part of Fournette is getting him to the ground.

He had multiple back-to-back 200 yard rushing games form 2014-2015.

Fournette is great once he finds his hole and is great one cut and go runner, what he lacks in the pass game he makes up for after contact. Fournette is one of the hardest running backs in college to bring down. His size matches almost “Madden” like with his speed, but he is smart with his size. Never taking unnecessary hits, and uses his speed much better then most. Focusing more downhill then using it to go side to side.

There are few in the game who can do what Fournette can do. Even fewer who go up against the best front-7`s in the country and can still produce every day. LSU has not had much offense outside of Fournette, yet teams still have a hard time stopping him. They managed to figure it out at the end of last season as his numbers started to dip down, but he should bounce back just fine. 300 attempts would wear on any running back who plays most of his games in the SEC West.

If he can regain his 2014 and early 2015 forum we could see two RB in the top-10 in the 2017 NFL Draft.

NFL Comparison- Le`Veon Bell

Draft Projection- Top-10

Weakness- Fournette has no real weakness to speak of for the most part. But, the NFL is now a pass first league so he needs to work on his hands out of the back field to make him a receiving threat as well.

Strength- One cut and down hill and knows how to utilize his size and speed, he has amazing vision and the ability to make guys miss in the open field just and just as easily run them over.


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