NFL Vets In Camp Battles

The NFL Draft is the most exciting moment in many players lives. That feeling changes some years later, as you see a new young kid drafted to take your spot. It happens every year, teams draft younger faster players to replace older ones. Each season several big name veterans job`s are up for grabs.

This year is no different, this season however might be a tipping point for the influx of young talent.

Once you get a decent foundation for a team the winning formula is to draft well. Drafting well and often. Many of the big name teams such as; Denver, New England, Green Bay and Arizona have built through the draft. Its no magical mystery that those are the teams who the last ones standing at the end of the season. When you draft new players older ones have to go, and we have several good players who could lose their jobs this season.

Eagles- Sam Bradford to Carson Wentz: Now originally this seemed unlikely to happen as Bradford would groom Wentz. Lately however this has not gone according to plan. As it has been reported Bradford refuses to talk to the coaching staff or front office and is demanding a trade. Bradford is more likely to get traded then cut after signing a 2-year extension, but none the less he will lose his job to Carson Wentz. Which might put the Eagles back a year as the learning curve for Wentz could be quite big.

Browns- Brian Hartline to Corey Coleman: Colman will step in day one and be the #1 wide receiver on the roster. While Hartline was more or less a place holder after Gordon and Benjamin wont be back this season, Gordon cant stay out of trouble and Benjamin to the Chargers in Free Agency. Coleman and his other cast of 3 rookie wide receivers, could in fact also push out one or two more WR. Most likely candidates to lose their jobs are; Andrew Hawkins and Taylor Gabriel.

Bengals- Leon Hall or Adam “Pac-Man” Jones to William Jackson III: Here is actually an interesting scenario. Due to lack of pure overall depth, Jackson could come in and take over the #2 CB slot, but Hall or Jones may remain on the team. Neither are legit candidates to move over to S, but neither are worth their value with the new Jackson. Hall is more likely to move then Jones and Jones would be the one on the chopping block being 32-years-old.

Raiders- Nate Allen to Karl Joseph: This should be no surprise as Allen is getting up there in age and had a knee injury last year, however with Woodson gone Allen could gain the other S slot. That move is unlikely and there is a much higher chance he will be cut. He is the first one on this list, that I think will actually get cut not just lose his position on the team. The Raiders are rebuilding everything about that team and starting here is a good way to keep the positive momentum going.

Seahawks- Christen Micheal to C.J. Prosise: The Seahawks lost their best offensive weapon outside of their QB when Marshawn Lynch retired. Filling that void will be near impossible. They drafted a steal in C.J. Prosise. While Prosise only has one true year at RB after a few seasons as a WR. He has much more talent, and youth then Micheal does. It will be a crowded backfield and while veteran leadership is always a plus Micheal has the least amount of talent and the highest cap figure out of everyone. Veteran leadership can only go so far, as we have already seen that when earlier this week the Bears released Rolle and Slausen.


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