Who Is Christian McCaffrey

There is a man. A 6 ft 210 lb man at Stanford right now who is looking to change the game. A man in red and white, who moves like Jagger (joke there), who has the speed and vision to go to the next level. I watched him play for the past two seasons. Last year it was to the point where I would watch Stanford just for him.

That man. That man is Christian McCaffery.

Now, most of you NCAA Football savvy people know the name due to the fact he was up for the Heisman last year. Which I thought he should have won, I mean how do you lose when you shatter a Barry Sanders record for most yards. Christian McCaffrey was a man amongst boys in the Pac-12 last season, the last time I saw a player in the Pac-12 dominate every singe team like that.

Reggie Bush.

Think what you want about his Pro time, but comparing a RB to Reggie Bush in college is a massive honor.

Las year alone McCaffrey had;
2,019 Rush Yards
8 Rushing TD`s
645 Receiving Yards
5 Receiving TD`s
1,085 KR/PR Yards
2 TD`s

Awards: `15 AP Player of The Year, `15 Consensus All-American, `15 PAC-12 Player of The Year and `15 Heisman Finalist finished 2nd.

Let that sink in for a minute he was essentially 2:1 Rush vs KR/PR for yards.

These are some amazing stats, but they don’t even do him justice. When you watch him play he seems to do it all break tackles, burn defenders, hit the right hole, and think in space. Open space to McCaffery is almost as dangerous as when he has the ball. He is a selfless player and will take the big hits and make sure his Qb does not get hit.

McCaffery is just as fast as he is smart, which is a dangerous combination and is a threat in the KR/PR game. Getting your best player to touch the ball on every non-defensive play is a luxury all but a few teams have at the college level. Having a game breaker on KR/PR on the sudden change of possession is amazing, the best part of his game might be the fact it can transition to the next level.

While I dont think any team will let their top-10 RB do both RB and KR/PR if he is a split back, you could put every dime you have on the fact he will be back there to run it back.

If you have yet to see McCaffrey go check out some of his game tape, the major difference between him and Bush is the fact he can run people over. At the next level he should still be able to do it, I have not seen a another RB recently as good at judging pad level than McCaffrey. Maybe Ezekiel Elliot (4th overall pick this year.) He has big strong legs and is built square and like a boxer, hard to tackle and even harder to catch.

Pro Comparison: There is not a current NFL player like him, the closest would be Chris Johnson, but he has 10x the talent. Barry Sanders would be his comparison.

Christian McCaffrey minus a major injury should be a top-15 pick in 2017.


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