Welcome To The New Cleveland Browns

Take a look at last year, the year before and even the year before that. The anticipation the excitement each offseason just grew more and more. Yet, the result every year got worse and worse. It seemed like a never ending inevitable cycle to failure and bad choices. You cant blame everything on Johnny Football and Josh Gordon.

The Browns over the last five years could be called the worst organization in North American sports. If the Philadelphia 76ers didn’t exist.

Every year as each team and fans got excited, optimistic and saying they were going to win the Browns didn’t. Fans of other teams would swarm into the stadium to see the new team or scramble to NFLshop to make sure they got the newest jersey. All the while Browns fans just hoped they would not be as bad as last year.

But, it was. Every. Single. Season.

Players would get drafted and help teams win titles, or the players would win awards. The Browns players seemed to lose, not just on the filed, but off it as well. However, this all seemed to change last season. On the field anyway. We saw some of it last year with the play of several players such as; Travis Benjamin, Gary Barnidge, Paul Kruger and Alex Mack.

There was finally hope after everything.

Then the off-season happened and the worst things that could happen did. They lost an pro-bowl center and their best WR, not to mention they didn’t get any favors handed to them at QB. As Johnny Football got in more trouble. They did manage to get RG3, but that was about as helpful as the HC would be in a buddy carry triathlon.

Its time Browns fans. Its time. Time to finally get excited and optimistic. They have a whole new regime in the front office and using the “moneyball” mentality. They had a whole bunch of draft picks this year and out of the 14 at least seven could come in and start or see legit playing time. This might finally help turn the Browns around.

While I wont go so far as to say they can make the playoffs, mainly due to the fact they have no legitimate QB.

They do have a decent running back set up, a good front seven and enough wide receivers to fill out a local high schools Freshman, JV and Varsity teams. Not to mention the out of no where star at TE in Gary Barnidge. These are a the new Browns. They wont just roll over or get destroyed every game like we are used to, and showed this year they can actually draft, even if they don’t pan out it looked really good on paper.

We should see as much as 14 new starters this season from last.

14 or more new starters alone should bring some positive feelings toward the team, considering only a few were real losses. The ability to in just one offseason change the whole team and the culture is a massive improvement, rather then just keeping the same bad players and rotation coaches like they are players. They have youth, speed, and are looking to change everything that the Browns have been for the past two decades. I am quite interested to see what happens in Cleveland this year and how it pans out, the offense is almost completely re-vamped and it will be a new look defense. One that just a season or two ago was actually quite good.

Draft good and play good. Thats how you win. Thats how you win the only game that matters, the last game of the season. They drafted well, now its time to teach the players, progress the players and let the rest go from there. If nothing else at least Browns fans can actually pay for jerseys to wear with pride, who’s name thats on the back is actually good.

Cleveland you did great in the draft, keep the kids and progress them. Win games, you have had plenty of chances and this time I think you got it right.


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