Preseason NCAA Top-25 V1.0

The NFL Draft is now over so time to focus back to NCAA and see how everything stacks up. Some schools such as Alabama and Ohio State lost what seemed like half a roster. While other schools like Clemson, Florida, Tennessee, UCLA and USC seemed to have gotten better with the recruiting classes.

I think this year will be close to last year with little separation between the top 5 teams.

1. Clemson
2. Alabama
3. Oklahoma
4. Michigan
5. Florida State
6. Ole Miss
7. Tennessee
9. Florida
10. Stanford
11. Univ. Southern California
12. Ohio State
13. North Carolina
14. Notre Dame
15. LSU
16. Ok State
17. Houston
18. Michigan State
19. Utah
20. Wisconsin
21. Oregon
22. Toledo
23. Georgia
24. Arizona State
25. Northwestern

Look for new rankings the first of each month.


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