Which QB Is The Best Fit

We saw four quarter backs go in the first to rounds. Jared Goff, Rams, Carson Wentz, Eagles, Paxton Lynch, Broncos and Christian Hackenberg, Jets. All of them actually went to a team needing a QB, however only two of them Hackenberg and Goff went to teams who don’t have anyone much better then them or at all.

While Lynch and Wentz have the opportunity to sit for a year.

All of the teams are looking for their franchise QB and none of the teams above were too bad last year. The Broncos won the Super Bowl, the Jets had 10 wins, the Rams had the Rookie of The Year in Todd Gurley and a good defense and the Eagles, well they are in transition and they have some building blocks in place.

But, who will have the best chance to succeed and be the best fit for the team that drafted them.

Off the top it looks like Jared Goff and Paxton Lynch, Goff has a good offense and defense to work with and he played not far from Los Angeles in College. Lynch is a big bodied strong armed quarter back and does not need to come in right away, and most of the team is still there from the super bowl.

As of now Goff is what seems to be the best fit, but he has a great deal to work with. That coaching staff will help him get to his potential and unlike the other quarter backs in this list he is the only one with no competition. Not only that, but his mistakes can be minimal with such a good defense on the other side of the ball. The wide receiver corps wont give him much help, but they will be learning along with him. The major downside coming from Goff would be the fact he plays in the division with some of the best defensive backs. Goff`s ability to get out of the pocket and throw could be what separates him from the class in his first year or two being able to make plays on the run. His ceiling is high, but can be even higher being the best fit right now. Not often can you be the #1 pick and get to a team with a top-end defense, one of the best running backs, and no competition.

Paxton Lynch is the second best fit. The offense can be run similar to the one he had in college which he excelled greatly and propelled him to a 1st round pick from a small college. With big weapons and a defense that can possibly outscore its own offense, he steps in with the ability to sit for a year and learn. What might be the best part of this for Lynch is his size. He is big enough he could take the early hits and has a strong enough arm to throw the ball a mile to some of the speedy WR on the roster, he is similar to me to Oswiler who was made into a great quarter back with the coaching staff. If should be able to do the same with Lynch. He is better in almost every aspect then Oswiler, if he can be even close to him within the next year the Broncos are set.

Christian Hackenberg would be the third best fit, for one reason and one reason only. He had no help on offense last year, but when he can stand up right he reminds me of Blake Bortles. With the weapons they have and staying in the same sort of environment he seems to be set up for success. He has the best offensive coordinator of the three in Chan Galey. Hackenberg was given the keys to a 10-win Jets team, and one that has the best offense of all the four teams who took a quarter back in the first two rounds. The fit is great, and the potential for him to succeed is completely based on how he studies and progresses. Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker will do everything they can to get him started off right, my biggest fear is he starts to soon and loses confidence and ends up being worse then his last year in college. If they can get the best out of him, a 2nd round pick on him will look like when the Seahawks took Russell Wilson in the 3rd.

Carson Wentz, not only do I think its a terrible fit in the form of offense and players around him, but he also had by a great deal the least amount of college experience compared to the other players. You should not have to trade up and get a guy who everyone assumes needs to sit two seasons to get ready. I can see where in 3-5 years he would be the best of the bunch, but they are not doing him any favors on offense to help. He comes in with the worst offense of the four teams, a completely new coaching staff, a split locker room with Sam Bradford, and I think lacks the ability to be confident in a big city forming from North Dakota in college. The only silver lining in this for Carson Wentz is ability, he has the strong arm and mobility to make plays on his own if he has too and put the pall in tight spaces. Wentz will be the only one of the four quarter backs who may have to win based on his on pure talent the first year or two on his team.


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