Rookies That Can Make A Fantasy Impact

Well the draft is over. With that many fantasy owners are left wondering how that affects their teams next year, or their upcoming fantasy drafts. Several key veterans lost value and some rookies seem prized to make a difference.

We saw several players get drafted to teams that look like fantasy goldmines.

Running backs seem to have lost value in fantasy lately, but Derek Henry and Ezekiel Elliot look to buck that trend.

Here are the rookies you should look to attack in your fantasy daft.

1) Ezekiel Elliot, RB, DAL- One of the best running backs, since Gurley and Adrian Peterson to come out of the draft he should produce about the same. The one giant reason, he has the best offensive line in the NFL. He will also get a bunch of carries with the injury happy Romo. Elliot will finish in the top-10 of running backs this year and should be a runaway favorite to win Rookie of The Year. I wont say that Elliot will have the stats Murray did two years ago in that offense, but something close doesn’t seem to far off.

2) Laquan Treadwell, WR, MIN- He was one of the best wide receivers in the draft and in college last year hands down. He is coming into a great situation with a good QB in Teddy Bridgewater, and not much of a challenge to start at #1 or #2. He has hands for days, what he may lack in speed he makes up for in great route running and the ability to fight for the ball. My favorite part about Treadwell, there is no corner in his division to really slow his production. Treadwell will have a great year and be the best redzone threat they have, his redzone ability will set him apart from other rookie WR in the draft who are speed based. 10TDs should not be a stretch for him.

3) Jared Goff, QB, STL- You have a choice stop Gurley or stop the rookie QB with lackluster WR. My guess is stop Gurley. So Goff should have his fair share of chances to have 250 yard 3 TD games. I wont suggest he is a top-3 round pick, but as a middle round QB he could be a great value in fantasy. He can also make plays on the ground if your QBs get points for rushing yards. His biggest upside will come in non-division games away from Sherman and Peterson. Match Goff with Tavon Austin and you will have some good middle picks that can score much more then expected.

4) Will Fuller, WR, HOU-


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