NFC West Draft Grades

Seattle Seahawks- They went out and did the job plain and simple. They got what they needed and kept filling the holes. Getting an high-end offensive linemen in the first and a thought to be 1st round defensive tackle in the second. Both were massive needs for them. While I think the best pick for them might actually have been in the 4th round with C.J. Prosise, RB. He only had one true year at RB which hurt his value. I would like to point out however, several players were drafter higher on just one big year of production such as Braxton Miller, WR and Derek Henry, RB. I would not be surprised if he came out of pre-season as the first RB on the depth chart. It didn’t stop there as they got two other big name running backs in Alex Collins and Zac Brooks, while they are big names they missed something. Wide receiver. They did not get a solid one, and you can not sit there and say its not a need just watch tape from last year. They are not giving their golden goose Wilson any targets to throw to.

Grade- B

Could have: They could have gone WR in round two or three.

Los Angeles Rams- The once again Los Angeles Rams drafted their franchise QB the third team to do so in the fist round, but unlike Denver and Philadelphia Jared Goff can come in and be a playmaker day one. He is a winner and fits well with that offense and can truly take them to the next level, while Seattle and San Fransisco are still licking wounds. Trying to figure out why they are not back at a top level. Los Angeles is trying to leap frog and fast to catch up with Arizona and getting a franchise QB is the best way to do that. Goff is one of the best QB`s to come out of college since Andrew Luck, while he still has a lot to learn he is more then pro ready. After that pick they got a decent TE and a very under rated Pharaoh Cooper, WR from South Carolina. It was a good draft for them as long as Goff pans out.

Grade- B-

Could have: They needed to go back to back WR they have some TE already.

San Fransisco 49ers- The 49ers had great draft buzz about what they will do with their disgruntled QB Kapernick. Apparently they didn’t care to much. They decided to help out both sides as they traded back in the first round. Surprise surprise they drafted an Oregon DE in Bucker who some analysts had higher then Bosa. I did not, we have not seen Oregon DE/LB pan out well recently in the NFL. After that they got someone to fill the offensive line. They had a quite a few picks in this draft, but after round one I think they made some questionable choices. I get not trying to get a Qb when yours is already mad at life, but they could have gotten one better then Jeff Driskel who was run out of Flordia. I also did not like how they avoided getting the already mad QB anyone to help him out past the line of scrimmage. Chip Kelly did not draft very well in Philly and the trend continues in San Fansisco.

Grade- D+

Could have: Done much more to try and get any sort of offensive playmaker help.

Arizona Cardinals- They made a big move in getting a high end DE with the first pick, even with his vast off the field issues the kid can play and play at an extremely high level. If, it was not for off field issues he could have gone where Bosa did. The pick Robert Nkemidiche was a great pick at amazing value at 29th in the first round as long as he can keep his nose clean, getting more pass rushers in a division with three of the weakest offensive lines in the conference is never a bad thing. Past that they did little to help anyone or themselves, considering they were almost in the Super Bowl they didn’t need much help. They still could have done more then what they did, when you are this close missing a player could be catastrophic, which they did with every pick after the first round.

Grade- D

Could have: They needed to focus in more on a true S or an LB. They did not get one. The highest need in my opinion was LB and with six picks they did not get a single one.


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