NFC North Draft Grades

Detroit Lions- They had a great draft which is odd for them and they are on the same plane as the Vikings, they drafted much more on need then flashy players. No one is running out to by a OT jersey, getting one of the top 3 in the 1st round makes sure Stafford will stand up right. They got a 1st round DT in Robinson from Alabama in the second round and it was great value. All of the picks they made through the first 5 rounds could legit start during the season maybe not day one, but look for all of them to start at some point through the season. Making sure Stafford can throw and they can open running lanes was the most important thing coming into this draft and they did just that. They even got positive defensive help with DT, LB, and S. I really liked this draft for them. So they will finally get a good grade from me.

Grade- A

Could have: Gone DB in 3rd over C.

Minnesota Vikings- They did great last year, and built on it this year. Kinda hard to miss with the #1 WR I had on my board in Laquan Treadwell. He will be an awesome target for Teddy Bridgewater who’s WR were just starting to come along at the end of the last season. While they got a good CB in the second round in Mackenzie Alexander from Clemson he doesn’t really have a place to play outside of Nickel and ST. So that pick seems like a waste when any OL would have been a better choice. They made some good ones later and got the WR out of Germany who could project to be a solid two in a few years as he gets stronger and learns the game more, but should step in and be a solid ST player and slot guy. I do love the Treadwell pick it made this draft for them having a true #1 all-pro type WR for your very young QB will set them up for years to come.

Grade- B-

Could have: Gone OL in the second and DB in the 3rd.

Chicago Bears- In the first round they made sure the defense would be going in the right direction. With 3 high end Qb`s in this division getting to the QB is at a premium and they did that with the best OLB on my board in Leonard Floyd. He will be just what the bears wanted and can play with his hand down if they want or as a pass rushing OLB and lock down one side of the field with his speed. In the second round they got the much needed OG they have wanted for years in Cody Whitehair, he is going to be a great G and open up many run lanes for the questionable Bears running game. Past that the draft for them was kind of a wash most of the last picks I don’t think will make the team if they do most wont make much of a difference on the team. It left much to be desired on a team that needed more help then the record suggested.

Grade- D

Could have: Gone RB, QB, and DB for the rest of the draft and been much better off.

Green Bay Packers- Why? Thats what I have to say to their draft. None of it made a whole lot of sense to me. They reached for Clark in they first round to me he was not a top 3 DT for me in this draft. Spriggs in the second was the only pick of the draft I think made any sense they needed OL help in a big way. Coming in TE, LB, OL, DT were the biggest needs to me. DT and OL they got in the 1st and 2nd but could have gotten much better players at those slots. They did not even try for a TE and the LB they got I think are all going to be question marks on if they are ILB, OLB, or DE at the next level. Thats not what you want for a defense that has many more holes then they should when on the other side of the ball they are trying to win a championship.

Grade- D-

Could have: Done anything else in the first round and rounds 3-7 and it would have made more sense. When you need defense and NFL Network/.com and ESPN say well I guess he works on your first pick, you…you did it wrong.


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