NFC East Draft Gradest Draft Grades

Dallas Cowboys- The Cowboys got just what they needed in what seems to be the consensus Rookie of The Year in Ezekiel Elliott, RB. He was a super stud in college and will be even better in Dallas behind the best OL in football. Jerry Jones finally got what he wanted and in the second round they got Jaylon Smith, LB, who could have been the 1st pick if he didn’t destroy his knee. Conveniently the Cowboys doctor is the one who did his surgery so if anyone knows about his knee its them. If he comes back full strength the Cowboys got two top 5 picks and didn’t have to trade or move anything to get them. The pick of Dak Prescott, QB in the later rounds was a good move, he’s not ready to start. He has the ability to be a decent starter he already is #2 on the depth chart. This draft was very solid for them and if they can get the most out of Prescott and Smith they wont skip a beat the next few years. There is only one issue with this draft their biggest need was DB, they didn’t get a single one good enough to even play nickel or rotate in the S slot.

Grade- A- (This grade will be an A++ if Smith comes back healthy)

Could have: Needed DB in the 3rd round over a DT, the DL line was beat up last year and didn’t get any better.

Washington Redskins- After the Cowboys its a roll of the dice for the rest of the division on this draft. Josh Doctson, WR and Cravens, LB are both insta starters for Washington, but they didn’t even try to fix the OL. They have an average QB, no legit RB and didn’t do anything to make sure either can stand up or have time. I think Fuller their 3rd round pick could be a decent DB which was big need coming in, but his ceiling is much lower then his brothers who plays for Chicago. This draft was a big swing if Doctson is the WR we hope and Cravens finds a spot at DB or LB since he is in-between this could be a good draft. But, missing out on the OL and grabbing a guy who doesn’t have a spot in the 2nd round really hurts the draft.

Grade- C-

Could have: Gone OL in the 2nd and 3rd and gotten a decent CB in the 4th.

Philadelphia Eagles- They drafted Carson Wentz QB after giving earth to jump up to number two. I am not a big fan of Carson Wentz, I am concerned about his lack of college level experience and the lack of reps. They want him to come in, but he is at least one year away from being a decent starter. This is a very different team then what we saw on the field last year losing Murray and several other big name players. The later picks helped this draft with Jalen Mills, CB and Wendell Smallwood, RB from WVU. Other then that they didn’t do much to help the team, but you can never discount getting a franchise QB.

Grade- C-

Could have: Tried to focus on the OL and DB sooner.

New York Giants- They have my biggest reach of the draft in Eli Apple at pick #10. To me he was a late 1st-early 2nd round talent. They needed OL, LB and RB. They got none of the above in rounds that matter. Sterling Shepard the 2nd round WR they took is a great talent, but he is not built to be a #1 WR. So instead of getting a starting LB or OL they got to me what is a slot WR. Say what you want about Cruz, but if he is healthy no way Shepard takes his job for the next 2-3 years. This draft was a massive bust for a team already trending downward. This is not the way to rebuild ladies and gentlemen. Someone in the draft room was quoting “Archer” and screaming “What the S**T Lana!.”

Grade- D-

Could have: NOT REACHED ON APPLE, several top end OT and pass rushers were still on the board.


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