Best & Worst Drafts

The happy days are over now its time or fans to cry or rejoice for the next few days before realizing the next real even in NFL is not for several weeks. Some teams crushed the draft and did everything fans could have hoped for, others left coaches asking GM`s “Do you want to have a bad draft? Because this is how you get a bad draft!”

Several teams took big risks while others did the opposite and tried to play it safe.

The one thing we always talk about is the best and worst drafts. It was not hard to find the best or worst ones this year. The draft was amazing and most of the league did well. Now lets see who sits atop the mountain of glory and who fell into the deep dark place called “If this guy sucks your fired.”

Worst Drafts-

3. Pittsburg Steelers- There was not much to like about this draft in anyway shape or form. They did get some needs even if the players were lackluster at best or in the wrong rounds. They took a corner back first and he was not even in my top 5. While corner was a need it was a far cry to from the true need of a DT or OL. This is the type of draft that puts a GM in a hard spot if the current starters do not show up.

2. Green Bay Packers- Somehow in a division where for years they were the top shelf team they blew it this year. One side of the ball the offense is ready to win a ring and the other side of the ball is ready to be this years version of the Saints. They took a giant reach on a DT who I don’t even really think fits the system they currently have. After that the following rounds added little to a team who needed to massively fix the offensive line and anything on defense literally anything at all. If the DT they took in Clark does not end up being a 1st round talent, like most don’t think he will this could be one of the worst drafts they have had in several years.

1. New York Giants- Number one with a bullet here. There are hangovers that hurt less then some of the picks they made. I know its a new regime in that office, but that is no excuse for pulling one of the worst drafts in a draft where their biggest needs in OL, DL, and DB where some of the deepest classes in years. But, yet somehow they managed to massively screw this draft up big time. Eli is not getting any younger, they have no true running back, they lost several players on defense through free agency and Cruz is coming back from injury. They picked Eli Apple first which should have tipped their hand at trying to tank the reason why people tank. If you wanted to have a draft to make sure you had the first pick next season they nailed it. Apple was not even a top 15 pick on an OSU fans draft, yet they felt he needed to be taken at #10. After that it got worse, they took a WR in the second round who wont be more then a slot for several years. They got no offensive line help, little to no help at line backer, and no running back. The only person happy about this draft is Tom Coughlin.

Best Drafts-

3. Dallas Cowboys & Cleveland Browns- Both teams did just what they needed too. The Cowboys made sure that Tony Romo had a competent running back behind him and drafts one of the most amazing line backers we have seen play the game once he is healthy. Not to mention they kept at it adding more defense to one we assumed would be hurting this season. Cleveland managed to get more picks then most people can drink beers in a night and crushed it for the first time in years. Getting a big play wide receiver in Corey Coleman and solidifying that defense, and then went out to draft several other WR`s cant win if you don’t play the lotto. Getting Ogbah from OKST will be one of the best picks in this draft 3-years from now.

2. Tennessee Titans- They helped their franchise QB with a great offensive linemen in Conklin who shot up draft boards, then went back to back defense with Dodd, DE and Johnson, DT. Just there alone was enough to give them a top-10 draft. After that they didn’t stop they managed to get two more starters in Heisman winning running back Henry and a starter in at the safety position where they have not had a solid starter in years. The Titans made the most of their first five picks getting five day one starters. Henry is the only one who will split time, but a duo of him and Murry is already the best backfield in the NFL. Mariota is now safe from mean defenders and they can now get after Luck, Oswiler and Bortles. This is how you make a team, this is how you draft.

1. Jacksonville Jaguars- They were one of the best drafts the moment they got Jalen Ramsey, S. I think he is a lock for an all-pro, if he is at S he is Ed Reed if he plays CB he is Deion Sanders. Yes, yes I think he is that good with out a doubt. In the second round they got Myles Jack a top-end line backer who after his knee heals will give them two top 5 picks and they didn’t even have to trade or move for them. They followed it up with some solid picks on the offensive and defensive line. Most of all they followed the draft board, didn’t get excited and drafted the perfect needs the best players when they were on the clock. You can not say enough about how well this draft went for them. They were on the verge of playoffs last year and this year should put up just as good a fight. Don’t forget Fowler the pick they had last year, will be back from ACL so this defense will feature three top-5 picks in Folwer, Jack and Ramsey. You cant write this type of stuff, well unless your a writer.

In case you missed it two AFC South teams had the top-3 drafts and neither was the colts, both have young QB`s and fast defenses. Both the Titans and Jags could rise to the top-end of the AFC in two years with the past two drafts. Don’t forget the Titans have even more picks next year after the Trade with the Rams.


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