AFC West Draft Grades

Denver Broncos- Just like the Rams and the Eagles its hard to put a value on getting a franchise QB, having one means hardware. Not having one means you need to find a job somewhere. They got “A” QB I wont call him a franchise one just yet, he does need work everyone knew that going into the draft. When your options are Mark Sanchez or not Mark Sanchez you usually go not Mark Sanchez and thats what they did. I know they can make Paxton Lynch, QB into a good player just look what they did with Brock Oswiler. Lynch has a cannon of an arm and is built like a make your pro in a video game. This pick was a massive touchdown (see what I did there) for them even if he is just average. Having Lynch will maintain the Broncos being a high-level contender this year. Following up that pick they got a much needed DT and he will do a good job of stuffing the line for those explosive line backers they have, but my favorite pick might have been Devonte Booker, RB Utah. He was my 2nd RB in the rankings and can do amazing things in Denver they can make anyone good and with him already being a top-end runner, he could grab that starting job with out even taking a sip of Gatorade. It was a well rounded draft for them.

Grade- B+ (The B+ was for the questions of Paxton Lynch`s ability)

Could have: This draft was very good for them, I don’t think they could have done much better here, I would have liked to see them get a WR earlier.

San Diego Chargers- They shocked everyone going Joey Bosa over offensive line with the first pick and an aging Phillip Rivers at QB (a need they didn’t address until later.) He was one of the most explosive playmakers in college and a solid #1 on almost everyones board for any DL position. It was a big need for them and not only did they fill it he is a great kid too and never stops working. In the second round they found Antonio Gates, TE replacement if there is such a thing, Hunter Henry, TE will be a good player for years to come and fixed the offensive line in the third round. The Chargers are struggling on and off the field and this was a great step in the right direction. It was a solid all around draft for them, the only thing missing was a true WR.

Grade- B

Could Have: They needed to get a top end WR in the second round over a TE, with several later who could get the same production as Henry.

Kansas City Chiefs- Well this was one of those drafts that seemed to go best available over position of need. For me they needed to come into the draft and attack QB, LB and WR. They achieved none of the above in the first four picks they had. I like Chris Jones the DT they took in the first round a good deal he is an explosive player who can get low on pads, but they could have gone to a much bigger need LB or WR with that pick after trading out of the 1st round. This draft was an odd one for me, they grabbed several DB none a true safety, and the QB they drafted was Kevin Hogan a guy who last year was a projected UDFA this year. Andy Reid has done nothing but win in KC and Peters, CB was a massive steal apparently last year, but this year left much to be desired. It was like drinking a soda you wanted only to find out it was flat. They will get a C- only because Chris Jones could be an all-pro on that DL.

Grade- C-

Could have: They could have gone WR sooner over CB, they only have one real pass catcher outside of Maclin and their Pro Bowl TE. That was a big need they failed to address.

Oakland Radiers- Be mad if you want Raiders fans, but you and I both know you blew the first pick big time. If you waste your 1st round pick you wont get a good grade from me and I think Joseph Karl, S was a bad move, when there was a CB and an OL who would have been much better. While some think Karl is the next Brain Dawkins, I think he is the next Micheal Huff. The only pick I liked this whole draft was Shilique Calhoun the DE from MSU. Unfortunatley he has Randy Moss syndrome aka he only plays hard when he wants or when the ball his coming his way. If they can get the best out of him, to me he has Jason Pierre-Paul type upside. I would like to ask why did you draft Connor Cook? Not, just in that round, but at all really. He wont take Carr`s job and you can find a better leader and back up somewhere else. The only thought here must be to groom him for two years to trade for picks later. After a stellar FA period, they fell flat in the draft.

Grade- D-

Could have: They needed to go true CB in the first round or WR with all of them on the board.


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