AFC South Draft Grades

Jacksonville Jaguars- If you could win the draft thats exactly what the Jaguars were trying to do. Just wow what a draft Jalen Ramsey, S the best player in the draft fell to them, and they come back and get Myles Jack, LB a top 5 player in the second round. This team was on the verge of the playoffs last year and now matched the best DB who is a lock to be an all-pro with one of the most versatile explosive linebackers I have ever seen play this game. Then they went on to solidify an already decent defensive line and got maybe the most underrated QB in this draft in Allen from Arkansas. If Jack stays healthy the last two drafts will be what makes this team into a massive contender each year. I have to give them a high five for not jumping on the WR run the later rounds and sticking to what they needed to win and they did just that.

Grade- A+

Could have: There is nothing I would really change about this draft, maybe a KR/PR player at the end.

Tennessee Titans- I love this draft almost as much as the Jags. They went Conklin in the first round to protect their franchise QB only in his second year. Then got two guys on the defensive line who should step in and start in Kevin Dodd, DE and Austin Johnson, DT both should start or at least compete day one no questions. If that was not enough in the 2nd round with another pick they got Derrick Henry, RB and then followed it up with Kevin Byard, S in the 3rd who should also start. So with five picks they got five starers thats one amazing draft. They are tied with the Jags in almost every aspect, the one thing that puts the Jags over them is the fact they grabbed two guys who both should have been in the top 10. This is the draft that will reform the Titans. While most are wondering why they went Henry with Murray, he is a different type of runner and I agree with most in saying in a year he could surpass him or go 50/50 for touches. He is a rare breed almost an Earl Campbell or Emmit Smith where he gets stronger and faster the more you give him the ball a true gamer.

Grade- A+

Could have: I would like to have seen them go WR in the second round over Austin Johnson.

Houston Texans- Another solid draft in the AFC South this division by far had the best drafts. Houston got the first three picks perfect with Will Fuller, WR a speed deamon who can break the top off any defense, then an insta starter in Nick Martin on the OL to protect the new Oswiler. If that was not enough they got maybe the most versatile player in the draft next to Myles Jack in Braxton Miller, WR/RB/QB, whom I consider a better version of Teavon Austin he can do anything you want and makes for some pretty scary wildcat formations and red zone trick plays. I think he will be a much better WR then he was a QB he just needs time, at times in college last year showed flashes of #1 talent he just needs a bit of work. This was a big win for the Texans who now appear to be chasing the Jaguars in one of the most confusing divisions on all of football.

Grade- A

Could have: They could have focused a bit more on DB the later rounds. There was better DB then the RB they took in the 4th round, while better RB`s could have been selected.

Indianapolis Colts- They needed to protect one of the most assaulted QBs on the gridiron and they did that. With Ryan Kelly the best center that team has had since Jeff Saturday and a steal in the 3rd round with La`Raveon Clark who should play OT. Other then that, I thought their draft was a massive waste of money. T.J. Green, S was one of my most over rated players to enter the draft. They did not do much else to help them selves in the later rounds. This odd draft for them puts them at the bottom of the division for me.

Grade- C-

Could have: They could have gone OL in the second round and DB in the 3rd round, they also needed and explosive KR/PR.


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