AFC North Draft Grades

Cleveland Browns- You almost cant miss when you have 14 picks in the draft and most are in the early rounds. While they did draft more WR`s then some teams even have on the roster right now they did hit massive needs one being WR. They scored big getting Corey Coleman WR in the first round he is a massive game breaker, if you play Madden you will want this kid on your team. Then coming back with my 3rd ranked DE in the 2nd round in Ogbah from OKST. He jumps off the tape and will be used anyway they need, he is just flat out talented. They also got a handful of players late who can come in and make an impact Scooby Wright III, LB, Rashard Higgins, WR, Cody Kessler QB and Derrick Kindred, S. They are trying to bring “moneyball” to the NFL. If this draft pans out it looks like it will work out just right. With this draft they totally redid a team that lost several key players, not to mention was one of the worst on paper.

Grade- A+

Could Have: They could have gone OL, RB, and DT over some of the WR. But, you cant hit the lotto if you don’t play I guess.

Baltimore Ravens- Cant miss with Stanley going franchise LT for the $100MM man Flacco. Enough can never be said about protecting the QB with the best player you can. The Ravens were close to being good last year, but injuries were not their friend. They were not as needy as the draft pick suggested. They got a few players who can come in and start or be used in packages, but getting the best OT with no off-field issues is like getting a franchise QB it makes the draft with little regard to who is picked later. I do think the Dixon, RB from Louisiana Tech can come in and compete to start day one with a lackluster backfield.

Grade- C

Could have: Gone RB in the 2nd.

Cincinnati Bengals- The Bengals are only a bit lower then the Ravens and for me it was based on value of the first round. The Bengals hit with rounds 2/3/4 much better then the Ravens. Bengals got William Jackson III a high end CB out of Houston with the 1st round pick, as good as he is he was not the need they should have filled in the first. It was not even a top 4 need according to and I thought they had one of the best defensive backfields last year. There was still some good WR or LB left on the board at that point. But, give them credit for looking to the future when they are locked in right now on defense. With the next three picks they went WR, LB, and DT the biggest needs they had. I am not sold on Boyd the WR they picked but love Vigil the LB, good replacement for the often suspended Burfict.

Grade- C
Could have: Gone WR or LB in the first.

Pittsburgh Steelers- They had one of the worst drafts this year, but much like Baltimore they were more injured then bad. They did nothing to help their case through the draft. Artie Burns is a massive chance on a 1st round CB, and after that they didn’t do them selves any favors. They seemed to look much more towards depth and project players then guys to step in now. I did not have Burns ranked in my top 5 for CB. Chalk this one up as a loss for the Steel City.

Grade- D-

Could have: Done literally anything other then what they did, but would like to have seen them go DT or OG in the 1st round.


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