AFC East Draft Grades

New York Jets- Coming into the draft the Jets were the team with the most glaring need in the division, a QB! With Jared Goff and Carson Wentz off the board it seemed a lock they would land Paxton Lynch. They passed him up for an athletic freak of a OLB in Darron Lee. He will be able to step in day one and be a playmaker in what seemed like a decimated LB core. In the second round they finally got a QB, if he is the one of the future that remains to be seen. None the less the filled the glaring need. They went on to fill the LB corps in the 3rd round with another big name LB in Jordan Jenkins, who is a tackling machine. The draft in the first three rounds fixed their biggest needs. They have a QB now or for now depending on your outlook on life and a revamped LB corp. I think the biggest take away is they have a player who can match up with Gronk in Darron Lee. They also managed to get Brandon Shell who could start at RT or a G position this year, if he can fix a bit of technique and get more aggressive, and THEY GOT A PUNTER!

Grade- B-

Could have: Waited on Hackenberg

Buffalo Bills- The Bills were another team to look at taking Lynch in the first round. Just like the team after them in the Jets, it was about getting to the QB not getting a QB in taking Shaq Lawson who is a DE a dominant beast of a man from Clemson. He was my 3rd ranked DE after Bosa and Buckner. To point out how important a pass rusher is both the Bills and Jets got one in the first round, and the Dolphins took a LT to stop them. Yet, only one team in the division has a real competent QB. I would like to call this Brady-itis, two teams focusing to attack one main person. The next two rounds also were on the defensive side of the ball with Reggie Ragland LB, and Adolphus Washington a DT. They lost a few key players and are not getting any younger on that side of the ball. Both of those guys are great fits for the type of defense Rex Ryan likes to run, but the biggest picks after round one could be Cardell Jones QB and Kolby Listenbee a WR (who ran a 10.1 100 meter dash…so he is fast, so fast other people are not fast.) This draft was a mixed bag, I think they hit with the 1st round, but after that the big picks for them were rounds 4 and 6.

Grade- C+

Could have: Taken a DB or OT over Ragland which was a bigger need. I also think Washington was overrated based on the defense he played in, Urban Meyer has a knack for making average players great on his team.

Miami Dolphins- The social media nightmare that no one saw coming allowed the Dolphins to grab the highest player on everyone’s draft board in Lermey Tunsil. While the OT seems to be a lock for an all-pro, his off field issues got worse from the video to saying he took money from coaches. Where he is maturity wise no one truly knows at this point, but we do know that he is a big ol` beast at OT and will stop everything but a freight train from hitting their franchise QB. They took a massive reach I think with Xavien Howard a DB from Baylor. We are talking about one of the worst defenses in the Big-12 which is saying a great deal. They out scored everyone, they didn’t stop much of anyone. Getting Kenyan Drake (the better of the two Alabama RB) and Leonte Carroo WR were good deals in the 3rd and 4th rounds which made up for the big reach on Howard. Their draft grade would have been much higher with out Tunsils off the field issues.

Grade- D+

Could Have: Gotten a different DB and focused in on the OL in the later rounds, they did not get one OL this draft after Tunsil and it was their 3rd biggest need according to

New England Patriots- While they didn’t have a first pick it never seems to matter for the Patriots. They got a grab bag of picks from rounds 3-7. I loved the Cyrus Jones, DB pick and the picks of Malcolm Mitchell, WR and Vincent Valentine, DT. They did get some OL help as well, but just like usual the Patriots grab some random guys we are middle ground on or don’t have a true fit, and I am sure they will make them into players. If anyone can turn an average kid great at the next level its the Patriots head coach. But, with out a 1st round pick, I wont give them a high grade since its about talent and fit and they missed both missing out on the first round. I love Cyrus Jones and his ability, he also as the ability to be really bad in coverage, so for now they got a glorified rotation DB and a KR/PR with the first pick they had.

Grade- D+

Could have: They could have gone for either DL or OL first which was as much bigger need, they also failed to get a true WR who could step win Edelman and Amendola are not age-less.


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