5 Biggest Surprises of The 2016 NFL Draft

The draft is officially over now. After three days of pure chaos, excitement, anticipation and more enthusiasim then a kid at Christmas. It was one of the best draft`s we have ever seen. We saw scandal in the “Laremy Tunsil Saga.” We say intrigue in Myles Jack and Jaylon smith, and we even saw cool stories in Kennan Reynolds, QB Navy and Mo-Bo the WR from Germany the first Euro born player drafted in the NFL. It was by far one for the record books, but it was only the tip of the Rodger Gooddell plated iceberg.

The best part about the draft was everything no one could predict.

We saw two trades into the top two spots before the draft, and those were not even the last of the trades into the first round. There were several teams who traded up or traded down, we even saw some reaches. Looking at you New York Giants and Oakland Raiders.

Well lets get on with it shall we…The top five biggest surprises of the 2016 NFL Draft.

5. Jaylon Smith going early in the second round to the Dallas Cowboys. To some who know about Smith this is not a huge surprise considering the Cowboys doc did his knee surgery. To most this was knowing about his drop foot and the fact the Cowboys are looking to win now, not later with the beat up and agining Tony Romo. It was an awesome story a potential #1 overall pick destroying his knee still going in the second round to maybe the most polarizing team in todays modern sports.

4. Paxton Lynch. Yes, Paxton Lynch, why is he a surprise? Because the Browns, Bills, Saints and Jets all passed on him letting him fall to the Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos. This is a huge surprise after most of the planet had him going to one of the four aforementioned teams above. The best part about it, John Elway made a similar QB into a multimillionaire in Brock Oswiler. The last time they picked a QB in the 1st round it did not work out well in Tim Tebow, but lets hope this guy gets the job done.

3. Joey Bosa going 3rd overall to the San Diego Chargers if you were not surprised by this pick its cause you were in the war room. With Phillip Rivers not getting any younger they went the complete opposite position everyone thought they would go in defensive end over offensive tackle. This started the most exciting draft in recent memory as every mock was busted like a march madness bracket. Joey Bosa was the Cinderella team of the NFL Draft. While he will do amazing things in a Chargers uniform, it was a shock to say the least.

2. Keenan Reynolds and Moritz Boehringer. Both could have been drafted, but they were drafted far sooner then most expected. Not only that they both went to teams they wanted to go too. Boehringer is a Vikings fan and got into football because of Adrian Peterson the soon to be Hall of Fame running back for the Vikings. Reynolds got drafted by the Baltimore Ravens just a few paces away from where his current home is, Annapolis, Maryland. He is at the Naval Academy and once of the most explosive quarter back`s since Tim Tebow. Both are great stories and both got to go to teams who A) needed them and B) they wanted to go to. You couldn’t write a better story.

1. The “Lermey Tunsil Saga.” Wow is all I can say the once lock for the #1 overall pick to the Tennessee Titans before the trade, had his own reality TV show, but legit reality. Right before the draft he was hacked and a video of him smoking out of a bong was released. This along would create mass panic in all 32 war rooms, but wait it gets better. Oh ya, totally gets better. After a beautiful fall from #1 to outside the top 10 to Miami he got a chance to speak. Right around then pictures and information surface about him taking money from a coach at Ole Miss his former college. So not only a video, but then info about him taking money. Then when he finally gets interviewed he first denied the money allegations, then confirmed them. It was most likely the most surprising, odd, enticing and random things to ever happen in the NFL draft.


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